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Sunday, 20 January 2002  
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Colombo Dockyard strives to increase productivity


Colombo Dockyard Ltd. (CDL), during its 27 years of existence, has discovered that the company should make a difference in its theme if the targets were to be met more realistically for both workers and the management. As such, it will work mainly with the aim of increasing productivity while keeping expenses low at the same time .

The management has made known to everyone in the company that the workers are its greatest asset and are valuable than all other assets, including expensive machinery and equipment, put together.

The management is mindful of the drawbacks and shortcomings it had to face in the past and wants to avoid these. It expects each worker to get involved in the type of work delegated to that particular person to the maximum if 2002 was to be made a year with 'successes'. The benefits which accrue would be for the betterment of all and for the perpetuity of CDL.

General Manager Mangala Yapa would closely look into ways and means of cutting down on overheads, a major form of expenditure that had eaten up a good slice of the profits upto now.

Earlier, the policy had been to reach targets somehow. Disregarding the expenses in achieving these targets had been a serious error committed repeatedly. The company spends about Rs. 1.5 billion annually on overheads alone. Expenditure on wastage had been another problem.

From the very beginning of this year, steps will be taken to cut down on the overheads. Even supervision that takes up a considerable amount of money needs to be trimmed accordingly.

This may result in a drop in quality of the work discharged.

However, the management has instilled it into workers that they would be the ultimate losers under those circumstances.

The production costs had always been high in the region of 81 per cent of the total revenue. This has consequently left the company with only 19 per cent of the revenue in meeting all other payments including salaries, purchase of machinery and equipment and other infrastructural developments.

Indiscipline among a large number of the minor staff had also been a major obstacle which had led to discontent with the management on several occasions, resulting in heavy losses even in the recent past.

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