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Sunday, 20 January 2002  
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MTI in 'knowledge charity' project

MTI Consulting, the international management and marketing consultancy has announced its plans to launch a social responsibility project.

Under this scheme, MTI consulting will offer, free of charge, its management consulting services to a selected social organisation, for a specific project.

Hilmy Cader, Global CEO of MTI Consulting said: "Most commercial organisations do get involved in charity projects of some sort.

"In most cases, these involve either a financial injection or voluntary staff efforts. The impacts of these are essentially confined to one specific institution or a micro project".

"MTI's SR project is fundamentally different in that we will use our management and marketing expertise to help a social organisation on a strategic project that has a far-reaching impact on society. It is essentially knowledge charity and if done well, could help make Sri Lanka a better place", Cader said.

The Sri Lankan Managing Director Lasantha Abeywickrema outlined the criteria for qualification as follows:

A social organisation:

1. Working on a project that has the potential to have a significant positive impact on society,

2. In need of funding and consulting input,

3. Willingness and flexibility to adopt a strategic planning approach and implementation,

4. Non-political, non-religious - either directly or indirectly and

5. Non-discriminatory in terms of the people who benefit from the current and planned initiatives.

Social organisations which meet MTI's criteria should call Dhanushka Jayakody at MTI on 543700 before January 31.

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