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A, B/G, Kandyan, parents (retired School Teachers) seek a partner for their only daughter, 30(+), 5 ft., pretty graduated teacher. Elder brother - a Dental Surgeon, married, younger brother - a Geologist, married. Reply with all details with horoscope.  

An educated well mannered partner sought by respectable GB mother for youngest daughter 36+ 5'4" University Lecturer graduated in Business Administration MBA qualified presently abroad on scholarship reading for PhD after completing Master's Degree there. Dowry available. Reply with family details horoscope T phone No.  

B/G parents U.K. citizens seek for their attractive daughter 28 years 5'5" Doctor, professional partner working in U.K. of similar age and status. Reply with horoscope and family details.  

Buddhist Govi parents seek academically qualified sober partner for educated pretty daughter fair 5'2", 39 yrs Computer related Executive foreign company willing to go abroad. Dowry worth over 4 million. Details with horoscope. Email:

Buddhist Karawe mother seeks partner for daughter B.Sc. Graduate 40, 5' 5". Dowry 600,000/= in FD furniture jewellery. Caste immaterial.  

GB accomplished lady 5'3" with means employed 41 divorced no children seeks respectable partner foreigners considered. Reply email: Telephone 730023.  

G/B affluent parents seek a partner who is studying / working in USA for their 26 year old 5' 6" daughter CIMA passed finalist and has a Degree in Business Administration. Planning to pursue higher studies in USA.  

Govi Buddhist parents in Colombo seek partner for daughter Executive Secretary working for a foreign mission Colombo pretty smart professionally qualified age 35 height 5' studied in leading schools father retired from armed forces mother retired senior lecturer in nursing at present matron private hospital Colombo younger brothers one is an assistant superintendent in an estate owned by a private plantation company the youngest brother director media organization substantial dowry including jewellery. Reply immediately with complete details and horoscope to 

Govi Buddhist retired Government Servants Gampaha District seek well qualified professional high position here abroad for pleasant charming homely talented daughter 21 yrs 5'3" only child family educated leading school Colombo inherits assets over 20 million horoscope without malefics 7th house need reply.  

Govi Buddhist parents seek a professionally qualified partner for their 25 year old daughter employed in UK. Post Graduate / employed partner in UK preferred. Reply with horoscope.  

Govi Catholic Principal brother seeks suitable well employed bridegroom for his sister, pretty, aged 44 years, younger looking, height 5' 2", divorced, innocent party, dowry 10 lakhs worth valuable house with water electricity facilities, cash household items gold jewellery etc.  

Respectable G/B parents retired Teachers seek partner for daughter in Govt Service fair slim dowry five lakhs. Send details with horoscope and telephone number.  

Respectable G/B parents seek professional partner for daughter 32 yrs 5'3" fair slim pretty Science Graduate intending further studies abroad working as Software Engineer. Dowry ten million bank deposits one and half million. Send details with horoscope and telephone number. 

Respectable G/RC parents seek partner daughter 33/65" attractive smart banking Assistant private bank Colombo. Dowry house worth over 3m jewellery cash valued Rs.500,000/=. Details contact number 1st letter email  

Suitable bridgroom, well employed with income from ordinary family, is sought for younger sister, aged 34 years, height 5' 4", well mannered, good charactered, Govi Buddhist, dowry land, jewellery, household items. Send full details with a copy of horoscope.  



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