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Buddhist Karawa father seeks a suitable educated partner for well accomplished daughter. She is 37 years 5' tall medium in complexion simple and humble, doing postgraduate studies in USA. Person studying in USA preferred (others may respond). Full details in first letter.  

Buddhist Karawe mother seeks partner for daughter 39 5'6" young looking. Dowry 600,000/= in FD jewellery furniture. Caste immaterial.

Buddhist Vishvakula parents seek suitable partner for educated daughter 29 years, 5 months 5' employed in Private Bank. Makara Lagna, Uttrasela Nekatha, Kuja 8. Caste immaterial.  

Catholic Sinhala mother seeks partner for accomplished Accountant daughter 27, 5'1" working in USA due shortly. Email:  

G/B professional parents in Australia seek a well educated partner for their daughter 27 yrs., 5'4", following postgraduate studies Australia. Reply with horoscope and family details. Email  

Mother seeks a suitable partner for 37 yrs. old youngest daughter. She is pretty height 5' 6" Roman Catholic working in a reputed firm. Divorced after an unsuccessful marriage. Innocent party. No children or encumbrances. Prefer unmarried or divorcees without children or encumbrances. Partner must be honest and kind between 38 - 45 years. Please write with full details and with a copy of the horoscoope.  

Non-smoker teetotaller professional partner sought by Deva Buddhist parents for qualified Accountant daughter 5 ft. 30 yrs.  

R.C. Karawe father seeks a suitable partner for only daughter 21, 5'3", studied at a leading Catholic Convent-Col.7. Completed G.A.Q. Exam, presently teaching at leading Catholic Convent in Colombo. Possessing a house in Colombo suburbs. Reply full details with T.P. No.  

Salagama Buddhist parents living in USA seek a partner who is studying / working in or has had exposure in USA, for their 24-year-old, well brought-up daughter with sober habits, presently doing post graduate studies. Caste immeterial. Please reply with horoscope and full details with contact number and address. Email:  

Sinhalese Buddhist parents residing in Sydney Australia seek a suitable partner for daughter. She is 29 years old, fair, pretty, BSc, employed as an IT professional. She is divorced after a brief marriage, no encumbrances. Ravi, Buda, Kuja, Ketu in 7th house of horoscope. Please email  if interested.  

Sister seeks partner for Govi Catholic well qualified holding top Management position 44 year attractive widow. Owns houses property cash over Rs. 12 million.  

Suitable bridegroom from a respectable family is sought for close to Colombo, Govi, Buddhist, well-mannered, good-charactered daughter, aged 31 years, height 5'2", employed in a reputed Company, willing to reside abroad. Contact with a copy of horoscope.  

Tamil Catholic parents only child 26 - 5'3" Bank employed with means. Seek non-smoker teetotaller Bank / State Officer with means. Overseas Tamils considered. Full details first letter with Phone No. 



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