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Sunday, 3 March 2002  
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"Bathiya and Santhush stakesholders in Lanka's tourism"

Tourism today is not just people staying at hotels, it is a lifestyle and tourists today are seeking experiences. Therefore, musicians like Bathiya and Santhush and also our cricketers Muttiah Muralithran and Sanath Jayasuriya are stakeholders in Sri Lanka's tourism. Renton de Alwis, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Tourist Board told a media briefing at the ANCL Boardroom last week.

The meeting was attended by Bathiya and Santhush after they signed a contract with Universal Music Publishing Asia to compose songs for global singers which will be marketed by Universal Music Publishing on a royalty basis.

Bathiya and Santhush have also signed a deal with Sony Music through M. Entertainments to compose an album for worldwide promotion.

Sri Lanka Tourism is extending every possible assistance to the duo since this recognition and opportunity to be known worldwide brings prestige not only to Bathiya and Santhush, but to Sri Lanka as well. By assisting them achieve this goal, Sri Lanka Tourism would create maximum awareness for this island as a tourist destination.

"We are banking on them, that their creativity will break through the Indian market and capture the Chinese market as well". He said that the fusion they generate in their music appeals not only to the young but also to people of his vintage.

The chairman of the Tourist Board also spoke on the many new avenues that should be marketed in the future to generate an increase in the flow of tourists like wellness holidays, weddings and locations for film as well as attracting the independent travellers, especially the Japanese, for whom it is a tourist lifestyle.

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