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A bride below 28 sought by GB respectable parents for eldest son Civil Engineer 34 years doing PhD studies in Europe hoping to settle down in SL after studies. Email: Will be here in July for holiday. 

Accomplished Professionally qualified in Medicine, Engineering, Science etc. Fair pretty Sinhala daughter under 22 years is sought, for a handsome tall (5'6") son 23 years final year Engineering Undergraduate in a prestigious University Australia. Inherit property and dual citizenship. Parents from highly respectable Govi Buddhist background living in Australia. Reply with family details and horoscope.  

Adaptable, pleasant bride sought for CIMA qualified bachelor son with assets, 31, K/B, 5' 6" teetotaller non-smoker. Migrating to Australia. English essential. Caste, religion, horoscope not critical. 

Brother seeks a lady or widow for his business 40 yr old handsome divorced brother. Assets 20 million with luxury house in Colombo. Dual citizen or foreigners preferred. 

Buddhist Vishvakula family from Colombo is looking for an educated pretty bride for their son, 30 years, 5'5" handsome non smoker, teetotaller professionally qualified with CIMA, CIM, BSc (Eng) and MBA (UK). Employed as an executive (Sri Lanka) presently in United Kingdom on study leave. Holds substantial assets. Please reply in Sinhala/English with horoscope and contact details. Sri Lankan families from UK are also welcome. Caste immaterial. E-mail  

Catholic Govi / Karawa parents seek an educated bride for their son just 27 yrs. 5' 10" residing in Australia with parents. He is a qualified Engineer with a respectable job. Non smoker religious & has sober habits. She must be willing to reside in Australia. E-mail:  

Christian 37 income 40,000 assets 20M seek independent lady even resident abroad. Differences immaterial. Self replies 078649495.

G/B mother seeks pretty professional graduate/Doctor/Lawyer daughter from a respectable family between 22 - 28 years with means, for professional well disciplined only son MSc Microbiologist 33 years 5'5", non-smoker, teetotaller. Willing to migrate. Full details with horoscope and contact number.  

G/B respectable parents seek an educated professional daughter for son 34 years 5'5", finalist of both CIMA and Chartered. Owns blocks of land in Colombo, modern car and Rs.4Mn worth of company shares and inherited property worth Rs.2Mn. He is working as the Finance Director for 3 companies. Send details with horoscope.  

Govigama/Buddhist parents living in Colombo, seek an attractive daughter between 26 and 30 for our son 34 years 5'10" height, "old Royalist", non-smoker, teetotaller, studying Computer Science Degree, employed in UK. UK residents specially considered. Reply with horoscope.  

G/S/B parents seek for young fair, handsome 5'7" MBBS Doctor, pursuing post-graduate studies, sporty, religious, teetotaller, non-smoker with valuable properties and own private practice - a very young and very beautiful educated understanding girl with excellent character and assets including house here / abroad or willing migration. Caste, creed and religion immaterial. E-mail: Tel. 94-72-608911.  

Moor parents seek religious slim beautiful well mannered partner for their Haji son business administration honours degree holder General Manager 36 5' 5 1/2" having fully furnished 2 houses one in Colombo divorced with valid reasons. No encumbrances innocent party.

Sinhala Buddhist Karawa / Govi parents seek suitable fair, pretty, educated girl from a conservative family for their fair handsome son, 25 years, 6' educated at Trinity College. Passed A/L Mathematics teetotaller non-smoker with sober habits engaged in local and internationally reputed business and import and export business in Colombo being in contact with the local and foreign business community owning substantial wealth. Please write with copy of horoscope. Correspondence will be strictly confidential and any proposal that does not suit shall be returned.  

Sinhala Buddhist odinary family background handsome person aged 39 having income through private teaching seeks educated bride caste, age race creed immaterial divorcees, widows considered. Bride with potential to migrate preferred. Reply in English/Sinhala. 

Sinhala Govi Buddhist permanent pensionable Govt. employee of Dept. of Health Services seeks suitable partner for early marriage. Age 31 years. No family encumbrances. Lady living abroad preferred. Age race religion caste no bar. Even divorcees widows considered. Reply with details.  

Sri Lanka Buddhist Karawe parents seek a suitable partner willing to settle down in Australia for their son who is a 27 years old Electronic Engineer. E-mail:  

40 years 66" young looking Sri Lankan Govigama Buddhist playful London studied Movie Colour Film Technician seeking European citizen wealthy partner for quiet marriage who could be financially sponsored. Mars eight. Assets lands paddy fields.  



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