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Kalhari : Tinkling voice and 
business savvy

by Sujith Sanjeewa Silva

She's been enjoying fame and popularity since she was a tiny tot. Her melodious voice, and her talent to sing Hindi songs has brought her a lot of fans young and old. Champa Kalhari, the young lady with the tinkling voice! Having conquered the music world, she's now ready to move on - to test the business arena that is.

Says she: "I have been invited for some musical shows and I plan to launch my business shortly.

What kind of business?

Since I know about music, I thought of engaging in a business to make cassettes and distribution of the same.

Can you tell us about your past?

Well I entered the music world way back in 1981. That was from the popular program conducted by Radio Ceylon known as Lama Pitiya. I was six years at that time. After that I was invited to several programs. I got through the selection test conducted by Radio Ceylon in 1980. But Mr. Shanthi Dissanayake came to my house after I sang the song "Sri Lanka Ma Priyadara Jaya Bhoomi" by Latha Mangeshkar and offered me a chance to enter Lama Pitiya program.

I became popular because I sang Hindi songs. My first cassette was called "Sathire". The road I travelled in was not a bed of roses but a bush of thorns. How many cassettes have you released?

Well, I have released more than fifteen cassettes and most of them are Hindi songs. What was your ambition when you were small?

Well my dream was to be a doctor, that was not fulfilled. However I am happy that I am a singer.

Some time back you sang Sinhalese songs in Hindi.

Well, I wanted to do something new, therefore with the permission of veterans Gunadasa Kapuge, Dayaratna Ranatunga and Sanath Nandasiri I sang their songs in Hindi. I am really grateful to them for giving permission and helping me achieve my goal.

Champa in addition to singing you are an actress and an announcer. What made you attracted to these two fields?

It was by coincidence that I entered the teledrama world. I have acted in about 10 and three of them are still to be released. I think the announcing offer came since I sing Hindi songs. At present I am the announcer for the program Top Ten aired by Sri FM on Sundays. In the future, if I get good programs I will continue announcing.

What are your comments about the latest cassette and CD "Sanda Sarasi"? Releasing this cassette took a lot of time an effort because I had to devote a lot of time to select some good songs and the songs are on a new theme.

What do you do during your leisure time?

Well, I like to travel to distant places and there are so many places I would like to visit. Most of the time I have to break rest because I have to go for musical shows therefore as soon as I get back I sleep.

What do you remember most in your life?

Well, If I go to tell all that you might need abut ten pages.


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