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UFOs - myth or mystery ?

by Shanika Sriyananda Liyanage

The sightings of glittering unidentified flying objects appear, especially during middle of the night, in the Polonnaruwa district are still mysterious. It could be 'issacochar' syndrome, a psychological phenomena, where a person sees Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) all the time, or real extra terrestrial spaceships which fly around Polonnaruwa exploring our ancient mysteries or a `big kite' with bright lantern flown by some `gangs'.

But, the local experts on UFOs claim that due to lack of interest by the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) to probe into sightings, which have puzzled over thousands of rural folks. At a press conference, the five-member committee of the Sri Lanka UFO Research Association disclosed that the SLAF so far, not carried out a detailed investigation into this strange phenomena.

The Association doing a research in Polonnaruwa was of the view that though the strange 'spaceship' had violated the airspace, no one in authority had ordered a probe. "The Sri Lanka Air Force and the Air Traffic Controllers have the technology to check each and every object that enter our air space. But, nothing has been done so far to investigate into the incidents", they claimed.

The local UFO experts, Saliya de Silva, Sanjeewa Bandara, Ravi de Silva and Akila Weerasekara, who carried out their research for three weeks in Polonnaruwa said: "It is not a fabricated story and according to our findings some thing 'strange' fly in the sky". The glittering object was sighted for the first time on May 13 in the skies over Polonnaruwa.

Dr. Chandana Jayaratne said that one cannot ignore these incidents as fantasy but needs a thorough investigation. "These rural folk who have not even seen a sketch of an extra-terrestrial spaceship, cannot fabricate a story. Some strange thing is really happening in the area", he added.


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