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SLS certification for porcelain manufacturer

Royal Fernwood Porcelain Limited (RFPL) has become the first Sri Lankan company to obtain the SLS mark for porcelain tableware.

The SLS mark will give the company wider acceptance both locally and internationally. It gives the assurance that the products are manufactured under well-defined quality control conditions and have met the requirements specified by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution.

RFPL started commercial production in July 1997. An investment of over Rs. 1,000 million was made on modern technology for the production of high quality porcelain tableware for the export market. Modern machinery was purchased from UK, Germany and Japan.

The company has a fully-owned subsidiary, Lanka Decals (Pvt) Limited, said to be the only plant of its kind in Asia, which uses advanced technology to produce high quality ceramic decorations for porcelain and other ceramic products such as bone china, stoneware and earthenware. This facility has enabled RFPL to develop more than 500 designs, which have been marketed worldwide, within five years. The products are marketed in 20 countries, including USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Japan.

The company also manufactures to reputed manufacturers in Europe under their brand names. The factory currently produces 500,000 pieces of porcelain tableware every month, of which 90 per cent is exported. To cater to increased market demand from the export market, the company has recently embarked on an expansion program, which would increase its production capacity by 35 per cent.

The company caters to the local market through its subsidiary Fernwood Lanka (Pvt) Limited. Distribution is done through an island-wide dealer network.

RFPL has won many awards as well as the ISO 9001 quality system certification. It also expects to obtain ISO 14000 certification this year.

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