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Well done Hartley!

Hartley College, Point Pedro is a institution that has produced many men of learning over the years and recalling the achievements and positions that they occupy in public life will surely make interesting reading. The newly appointed Inspector General of Police T. E. Anandarajah was a known sportsman, then there were many others in the police force who were old boys of Hartley College who excelled in sports.

Before Anandarajah became IGP, it was Rudra Rajasingham who occupied the prestigious seat and he too was a known sportsman.

Then there was S. Sivendran who was SP who was a fine rugby player in his day and who instrumental in helping the Police climb up the ladder of success in rugby football and Sivendran was involved in coaching rugby football teams.

Senior SP C. Navaratnam was a senior SP and he was a champion athlete, while the late A. Navaratnam was a DIG was a coloursman at the Peradeniya University. Then S. Ramalingam who retired as an ASP was a triple coloursman at the Peradeniya University, while S. Ganesh held the Hartley record in athletics for the one-mile and was HQI at Kilinochchi and should have gone further up if not for his untimely death.

Then there was that unmistakeable Mr. V. K. Arumugam who served as SP and a leading figure in the football scene (he was a vice-president of the Ceylon Football Association) and his nephew Mr. Siridaran a good athlete. Mr. Siridaran is still serving as SP.

There was also S. Kaneelswaran who established three records in pole vault, hop step and jump and long jump at the Public Schools Athletic Meet. He retired from the police as an IP.

The names of the sportsmen mentioned not only did their school proud but also brought honour to the police force.

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