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A beautiful slim well groomed daughter accomplished Software Engineer 34 Christian Karawe 63" looks younger kind hearted well mannered. Expatriates considered. 

Affluent G/B parent seek tall cultured professionally qualified partner for pretty slim 5'8" tall 30 yrs. graduate daughter with substantial assets working as a Research Officer in a prestigious Research Institute. Sister UN Consultant. Pl. send details with horoscope.  MB4906

 A Govi Buddhist mother living overseas seeks academically / professionally qualified handsome suitable partner below 30 years for her very fair pretty daughter 19 years 5'5" employed in a well reputed worldwide bank. She owns reasonable assets in Colombo Sri Lanka. Reply with horoscope (essential) and contact numbers. She will be in SL for a short holiday. 

A partner sought by Govi Buddhist parents for fair pretty educated daughter 5'2" 34 Mercantile Junior Executive fluent in English. Dowry house on twenty perches Dehiwala one acre Dompe five lakhs cash.  MB4978

A professional sought by well connected K/B parents for their pretty, accomplished only daughter 34 5'3" A.M.I. qualified, presently in UK expected on holiday in December. Inherits substantial assets including house. Registration cancelled before wedding. Horoscope essential.  

BG parents Doctor seeking professional partner for daughter 28 slim fair Software Engineer B.Sc Computer Science substantial wealth residents of UK USA Australia welcome. Email  

B/G respectable parents seek professional qualified partner for very pretty fair smart 5'5" 25 years qualified daughter with BSc (Textile) presently employed in UK. Reply with horoscope. Email.  

Colombo suburbs Bodu Deva parents seek partner for slim attractive University Lecturer daughter 30 5'2" hoping to do post graduate abroad.  

Educated professional/businessman is sought for pretty fair English teacher 5'6", 41 with excellent character. Send horoscope.  

Father (Sinhalese, Buddhist) seeks educated partner for daughter 37 years (young looking) 5 feet fair excellent character SL University graduate and currently doing PhD in USA looking for a suitable gentleman holidaying in SL December. Email -

G/B parent seeks suitable partner for daughter 44 years divorced employed as an Executive owns a house. No encumbrances willing to migrate. 

GB parents in US seek a professional partner, preferably US qualified, for very pretty daughter, 23, junior executive. E-mail:  

G/B respectable parents seek suitable partner professional business for pretty kind 31+ years 5'6" daughter BSc employed UK horoscope family details urgently. On holiday late December.  

Govi Buddhist family seeks a suitable partner for only daughter 23 yrs 5'4" currently studying Computer Engneering in Japan. A partner with good habits and professional background. Write with family and horoscope details contact telephone No. E-mail

Govi R.C. parents seek partner for daughter 33 yrs 5'3" fair English educated leading School upto A/L Computer knowledge employed locally / abroad, dowry house two million / cash business income Rs. 15000/= E-mail  

Govi-Sinhala Catholic / Christian parents domiciled in Australia seek suitable qualified partner for 24 year, 60" tall, pleasant, Science (Applied Chemistry) Graduate, inheriting reasonable assets. Visiting Sri Lanka mid December. Oblige sending or E-mailing <>full particulars immediately.  

Hindu Tamil parents seek a professionally qualified partner for their daughter 39 years, 4'8" height works in a leading International Organization looks very young caste immaterial owns assets. Please reply with full details with horoscope. Email  

(Moor) mother seeks a suitable B/groom for daughter 39 yrs, separated after a brief marriage without any encumbrances. Bride resides in a foreign country. Has a decent job. 

Moor parents from Central Province educated family seek a professionally qualified kind hearted partner for daughter undergraduate 22, 5'1" fair very beautiful and religious minded. Reasonable dowry available give full details with contact number. Zanil  

Moor respectable parents seek suitable marriage partner for educated daughter 25 years 5' pretty fair parents, daughter own properties in UK. Applicant should be willing to come to UK. E-mail  

Respectable Govi Buddhist parent wishes to contact a kind and caring professional over 40 years for daughter 42, educated abroad charming personality very kind and caring divorced innocent party, financially independent and living comfortably abroad will be in Sri Lanka in mid January 2003 for holiday. Please send details about family and status together with horoscope.  

Respectable Sinhala parents of daughter University educated and well employed in USA with substantial assets, 30 years, seek a University educated partner religion and caste immaterial. Email  

Seeking a partner for my sister, age 40 never married Physician in USA, from Sinhala Buddhist family, detailed self-written replies only Email to You must be well educated, decent, sincere broad minded and free of any attachments.  

Seek suitable partner for only daughter very beautiful, Sinhala, Govi, Buddhist, 27 years, 5'4" height. She is studying in USA and already obtained Hon's Degree for Computer Science and follows Master Degree. She will be on a short holiday in Sri Lanka end of December. E-mail  

Sinhala Catholic parents of a 34 year old University educated daughter Australian citizen well employed with substantial assets, seek a University qualified partner willing to live in Australia caste creed immaterial. Phone 368975.  

Tamil, Christian brother from UK is looking for a partner for his sister of 38 years of age living in Sri Lanka Colombo. She is a Spinster looks very young pretty slim 5' height with a very pleasing personality and is family oriented person. She was educated (GCE A/L) in a leading School in Colombo, also finished her Accountancy Course. She is seeking a kind hearted loving and a good partner (39 - 42 years). If you are interested please reply. Contact Email 

We are Sinhala Govi Buddhist family of Social standing with our house in Colombo 7. We are seeking a partner for our daughter 38 divorced without any encumbrances from earlier marriage. She is a graduate of an American University living and working in the US. She is fluent in English sociable and respects our religion and customs. We invite you to send us details about your family and son's educational social and professional background with copy of his horoscope. We are looking for a teetotaller preferably non-smoker of kind disposition.  



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