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Sunday, 12 January 2003  
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Inspired and Unusual

by Umangi de Mel

"Fashion Inspirations 2002" a fashion show and students' colloquium of the Clothing Industry Training Institute, was held at the Ceylon Continental last month, giving a fashionable finale to 2002.

The out-of-the-ordinary garments, designed by the students gave a clear indication that fashion had definitely entered a new phase in Sri Lanka. On display were an array of innovations that had creativity as the catchword. The styles ranging from the bold to the eccentric and eclectic, blended the elegant with the subtle and the chic with ostentatious to catch the audience's fancy, as the models walked up and down the ramp.

The designs categorised under six themes that were equally innovative included 'Wide Petals', 'Beyond the Invisible', 'Nature Collection', 'Warm Sensation', 'Formal After the Sunset' and Informal Seduction'. The prissy and poised, combined with the untamed sexy added a touch of warmth to the cool evening.. The show was all about different styles, flirty colours and superb workmanship.

Bold designs, which fused the feminine with the nomadic depicted the essence of summer, with a beautiful concoction of flowers and rich colours. Cuts that were both magical and flattering complemented the elegant fabric which gave the creations an ethereak quality. The 'informally seductive' enjoyed its moments in the sun, where simple cuts enhanced its earthy appeal making informal a fashion statement. And the 'nature collection' uncovered the slick cuts of wilderness. The designs though taking on a 'formal' look after sunset' retained a sense of whimsy inspired by the world of drama and theatre.

Ranging from simple to the intricate and the unconventional, here is a pictorial look at creativity at its best. The show was choreographed by Geraldine Bandaranayake and was organised with the assistance from the apparel industry.

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