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Sunday, 12 January 2003  
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Coach relegated to tuck shop

A former schoolboy coach has now been relegated to the pavilion canteen after his charges did not perform as well as was expected last season, especially at the "Blues Battle". A high profile coach has been appointed who is well versed in the art of preparing pitches. This school hasn't been performing that well in spite of the change.

No hope?

On the other side of the coin the school at Reid Avenue are performing well and have chalked up two wins with a new look side with the former skipper performing well.

The Sri Lankan cricketers have been bundled out for 65 against a sub standard Aussie "A" team in Adelaide at the time of writing. It would seem that the New Year hasn't exactly brought anything new with it. Whatmore surprises could the cricketers spring on us?

News is that a former captain whose name resembles a famous special arrack is on the cards to coach the team or a former South African coach is being wooed by our administration to further add steel to our resolve. Murali's absence was used as an excuse for not performing well but could it be that it is affecting our batting performance as well. It is not a good enough excuse.

The presence of two former stalwarts in the team hasn't helped either. Wine gets better with age but not our cricketers. Retirement should be round the corner before they get the boot.

The cricketers are playing for HOPE Cancer Hospital, but it seems like they have no hope. The cause is worthy, but is it all they are playing for?

Maybe they should give up sledging and concentrate on the ball game?

Or is the ball game too hard?

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