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BG Doctor 32 Medical Registrar NHS UK seeks educated bride from suitable family parents will give assets 25m on marriage PR UK bride must reside UK. Horoscope necessary. 

B/S parents seek professional or academically qualified partner, fluent in English, between 30-36 years, 5'3" or below, from affluent family for well employed lawyer son. Caste immaterial.  

Buddhist Govi respectable parents seek fair pretty well educated daughter (willing to go abroad) below 38 for handsome sober son professionally qualified Engineer (working abroad) 43, 5'8" visiting SL soon. Details with horoscope. e-mail:

Buddhist Viskwakula parents, family with respectable relations seek good charactered partner for son sober habits handsome Government Doctor (MBBS) 33, 5'9". Horoscope essential.  

Catholic parents seek pretty bride for sober smart Engineer qualified abroad 33, 6', established in Sri Lanka willing to migrate. E-mail  

C/K handsome professional well employed very early 30's 5'10" seeks educated attractive girl. Inherit assets, caste immaterial. E-mail  

Close to Colombo, Govi Buddhist parents seek pretty, fair bride aged below 30 years, B.Sc., Chartered, CIMA or Computer qualified, for son aged 34, height 5'5", fair, handsome, Australian citizen, holidaying in Sri Lanka, B.Sc., Engineer. Send full details with copy of horoscope and contact telephone No., as early as possible. E-mail:  

Educated, pretty bride is sought for son, resident in Australia, Govi aged 26, height 5'4", Computer Engineer. Religion immaterial.  

Sinhala parents resident in USA, seek for their son 26, tall, good-looking, professional American citizen, a very pretty, fair complexioned, English educated, social, homely, Sinhala or Burgher girl below 22, with unblemished character, proficient in house keeping and culinary arts. University student could continue education in USA. Caste, religion immaterial. All true details including phone number and e-mail address in first letter. Parents visiting Sri Lanka in Feb/March. ( ).  

Sinhalese G/B parents are looking for a daughter 22-25 yrs. fair, slim, well educated very beautiful who values Sri Lankan lifestyle from a respectable family for teetotaller son 29 yrs. 6' with a pleasing personality, educated and professionally employed in US. A daughter already in US or planning to go to US in the near future will be more suitable. Please send the details along with horoscope. Contact Nos. E-mail:  



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