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Julian Bolling
Waiting for the right girl

By Farah Macan Markar

Famous for his achievements in the pool JB today in young Swimmers School.

Born in 1966,

Says his twenty one.

His outlook in life, is having fun.

So how did it all start? His journey to number one?

Ju says it all began, with good old MUM.

"I wasn't interested in swimming, Mummy told me to. She said, I might get bigger, if I do"

Being the smallest made person in class, he agreed.

Soon he was into all swimming meets.

His teachers encouraged him, they'd give him time out

To rest at class, while everyone else was forbidden to shout.

In choir being a leading voice, he'd sing double bass.

In the water meanwhile, he'd win nearly every race.

So Ju made his way to the top, he went up far.

Speaking of it today, he says life, was a blast.

An easy going person, changes from day to day.

"I'm a bit on the lazy side" he says.

Loves coaching kids. Hates Marmite and Durian.

His love life's at the moment idle, Says his waiting for the right one.

"I've had girlfriends before. Messed up a few,

Learnt you can't take em for granted" (that's true).

His greatest fear is death. What happens after life.

After a rough ride in a waterfall, his also afraid of heights.

Has this habit of biting his nails, toe-nails too.

He's bored when going to the beach and having nothing to do.

Diving, surfing, windsurfing he loves.

He recently has started fishing And is into badminton and squash.

About his appearance he says, he's put on a bit of weight.

His colour of the day's Green because of the Prime Minister.

He's most embarrassing moment is something to do with car keys. To work less and surf more is his ultimate dream.

Why is he here? "Because God created me to be"

Says, "Struggle is important for you to really see,

Don't let life's struggles get you down, hold your head high,

Be positive and always, look at the bright side of life".

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