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Scenic splendour on canvas : at 75, Siri Rupasinghe leads an active life


Siri Rupasinghe - leads a contented, peaceful and happy life.

Siri Rupasinghe who started her career as a music teacher discovered her inherited skills for art during her stay in Canada where her husband, Walter Rupasinghe was the High Commissioner from 1989 to 1993.

The oil paintings adorning her sitting room speak volumes for her artistic abilities which she finetuned at Ottawa School of Art under Professor Robert Hyndman.

Most of her oils portray the Canadian landscape, and the unspoilt beauty of wildlife. 'The Niagara falls' is one such painting which delineates the gushing waters of the fall and the calm flow below in a realistic form. 'Spring in the valley', 'Springtime in the rockies' and 'Spring flowers' spotlight the beauty of the Canadian Spring while 'Autumn glory', 'Summer afternoon', 'Morning light', 'Winter wonderland' 'Stormy clouds' and 'On the beach' portray the remarkable splendour of the four seasons in Canada.


The 'Nestling sparrows', 'King of the parrots,' 'Pink cranes', 'Robin's nest' and 'Born free' are among the range of paintings portraying a delightful collection of birds.

While appreciating the picturesque scenery in Canada, Mrs.Rupasinghe has not forgotten to capture the enchanting beauty of her motherland, Sri Lanka on canvas. The 'Rock Fortress of Sigiriya' is one of the enthralling paintings in her 'homeland' collection.

She has held two art exhibitions in Ottawa in 1991 and 1992. Two of her paintings have been chosen for the cover pages for the volumes in December 1991 and February 1993 of 'Diplomat and International', a news journal for Canada's international community.

The proceeds she received from selling her work have been donated to former President R. Premadasa's 'Sevana Sarana' foster parents' scheme, the Baptist Church at Cinnamon Gardens and the Canadian Roman Catholic Church.

After returning from Canada Mrs. Rupasinghe held two painting exhibitions in Sri Lanka in 1994 and 1995. Today though 75 years of age, she is still active and healthy and leads a contented, peaceful and happy life. At present she is holding an open art exhibition and sale at her residence at Rampart Road, Kotte.


Colourful strokes : an exhibition of children's paintings

An exhibition of paintings titled, Colourful strokes will be opened at the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery on February 14 at 6.30 p.m. It will be open to the public from 9 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. on February 15. The eight talented artists who will be exhibiting their work, range from the ages four to ten and are all students of Lyceum International School.

The eight talented artists

They are Devuni Wickramasinghe (4 years), Nardhya Grero (8 years), Julian de Valliere (8 years), Sakunika Neunhella (8 years), Jason Wijesuriya (9 years), Amritha Abeysekera (9 years), Dhyresh Mendis (10 years) and Jarred Labrooy (10 years).

Each one of them, seems to have a speciality of their own. Julian's love is for horses while Nardhya's passion for dogs is very obvious. Jason's, Dhyresh's and Jarred's paintings show a maturity which is rare in such young people. Sakunika and Amritha are two happy girls who portray their world in brilliant hues as only children can. As for Devuni, who is the youngest of the group, she seems to have no problem in blending colours to suit herself.

The 111 paintings on display will be proof of their hard work, put together in an atmosphere of fun and laughter. Yet, the aim of these children is more meaningful than that. They have chosen to use their talent to the benefit of those who are less fortunate. The proceeds of their paintings are to be donated to the Hope Cancer Hospital.

HSBC's Children's Savings Account is also proud to be associated with this exhibition of paintings.


Visual art exhibition

Agroup of graduate artists of the VAFA, Anura Krishantha, Arjuna Harshajith Gunaratne, Bandu Manamperi, Chammika Jayawardana, Chandana Wasantha, Kusal Nandana, Manjula Priyadarshana and Saman Liyanage are presenting an exhibition of visual art from February 9-16 at the VAFA Gallery at Sarvodaya Centre, Ethul Kotte.

This exhibition focuses on the very basics of artistic creativity such as colouring, weaving and making an attempt. A critical essay on the show by Jagath Weerasinghe will also be launched at the opening.

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