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Jaffna in Images

Text and Pix by Rohan Canagasabey

A Sri Lankan Army patrol passes a reminder of the desolation of war in Chavakachcheri

A man walks amidst the reconstructed LTTE cemetery at Kopai.

A female student, striding towards the future at the University of Jaffna and also assisting in the rebuilding of Jaffna’s scholarly reputation

The Taxi driver of an old Morris Minor, waiting for his next customer, in the company of a friend

Workmen are taking a break from repairing the bullet ridden top floor, below a re-opened shop in Chavakachcheri

The Jaffna peninsula has suffered the worst of the physical destruction of property and landscape, in addition to human fatalities, during the two-decade war. This is particularly true of Chavakachcheri. 

Since the signing of the MoU between the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE early last year, many of its Tamil residents have returned from the places where they had sought refuge, to join those who had continued to remain on the Jaffna peninsula.

Now life is thriving again, in some instances subsequent to bullet ridden buildings being patched-up or beside completely ruined ones. The markets are full of produce once again, due to the re-opening of the A9 road, connecting Jaffna to the South, as local food production, apart from some fishing, is still not possible. Meanwhile its people continue to work or study, whilst hoping for a permanent peace that would usher in complete reconstruction and also open the doors to secure and prosperous future.

These photographs depict some aspects of life on the Jaffna peninsula that caught my eye, during my recent visit there.

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