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A daughter brought up according to traditional values with some Western flavour is sought by G/B parents for eldest son 35, 5'6" Consulting Civil Engineer working in England wishing to settle down in SL few years later. Same caste only. Please reply with contact number horoscope. Malefics in 1,7,8. Eldest in family please do not respond. E-mail:  

An attractive educated girl with means willing to reside in Australia is sought by Catholic Karawa parents for their handsome, Engineer son, 30 years, 5'11" owns assets visiting Lanka very shortly, Kuja 7th Reply in English / Sinhala with horoscope.  

Colombo Catholic 38 - 5'6" in receipt of five figure income from assets 20 million seeks independent lady. Differences immaterial. Self replies only to 94-74-515311.  

Govi Buddhist parents seek professionally qualified partner below 28 yrs, for son 28+ non-smoker teetotaller with Masters degree holding good position in Govt. Deparatment Sydney. Has dual citizenship coming to Sri Lanka in May. Contact No. 890654. E-mail  



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