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The man behind 
the music

Each time you hear the signature tune of Dynavision TV you surely must have wondered who could have created such an arresting tune.

As a matter of fact we've experienced the feeling many a time and very recently decided to find out who it was and was pleasantly surprised. No the tune was not imported or downloaded.

This one minute tune was created by none other than the versatile guitarist/ singer and instrumentalist Raj Senewiratne. When we spoke with him, Raj revealed that the one minute tune was created in February 1996, and holds the distinction of still being on the air, seven years after it was created. The fact has to be admitted the signature tune that sounded ahead of its time in 1996 still sounds great and contemporary in 2003.

Creating a one minute signature tune is not an easy task considering the fact that you have to fit in the music to the movement of the visuals and rhythm of the editing. "The guide lines given to me were that the music should be medium paced, modern and futuristic and I enjoyed working on it and selecting the tones. What is important is to get the feel and rhythm of the commercial and introduce the attention getter aspect," Raj expresses his thoughts.

It is not everybody or every musician we guess who could compose for TV and radio. There are some who have the edge over the others. You have to be a sensitive musician to feel and understand what the graphic artist wants conveyed when he puts the visuals together.

A singer and an instrumentalist his forte being rock jazz and fusion Raj Senewiratne created also the first station identity for MTV and YES FM and enjoys expressing his musical ideas into tunes that reflect a contemporary and futuristic idiom.

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