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Prits the busy

- By Farah Macan Markar -

Priti D'Almeida, her friends call her Prits,
P.R. Manager of the Taj Samudra - she is.
Getting ready for functions
handling guests, media and press,
this busy bee woman's
life's totally heck.

In the hospitality industry - Prits always wanted to be.
She loves interacting with people, and developing her creativity.|
Planning, organising
meeting different people everyday.
She works from eight to nine,
some days even more, she says.

Not a last minute person - Prits like planning things well ahead.
Can't bear doing things in a rush - it's a thing she dreadfully dreads.
A creative, imaginative person
has done a spot of painting and theatre.
It was something she found very relaxing
however she has no time for it here.

Some fun theatre with Indu - she took part in "A Convenient Marriage"
also in the "Tomiya" series' initial days.
In Yolande's school of speech and drama
Priti taught three year olds, to those of twenty odd.
"I am not that patient with kids
but I liked the arty side of the job".

A fellow Bridgeteen like me - of Coudert house too
during the reign of T-L, Prits was at school.
English/Sinhala debating team
head of the religious knowledge quiz.
Treasurer of the Interact Club.
Editor of the science magazine.

As a kid Prits wanted to be a doctor - did bio science for her AL's
that however was as far as she got towards it she says.
So then to Australia Prits went
to study business administration.
Returned and joined the family business
which was Chands Sports, then.

Wanting to join the hospitality industry - Prits went to India.
Came back to Colombo and joined the Taj Samudra.
"My job's not all the glamour it looks
you have to be conscientious in what you do.
Be organised, work hard
have smiles the whole day through".

After a hard day's work Priti unwinds in the car
driving on and on with the music full blast.
Stepping into the kitchen
cooking up something, also relaxes, she says.
"It de-stresses me, calms me down
after a crazy office day".

Of a North Indian background - of the 3rd generation though.
Having lived here for so long - Priti considers herself a Sri Lankan s
So who is Priti D'Almeida?
Prits here goes on to say.
She's a sensitive emotional person
who likes to have things her way.

Chief Executive Officer

GM- Marketing & Business Development

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