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Rs. 5.4 million worth dry rations for Muttur

By Chamikara Weerasinghe

Dry rations worth Rs.5.4 million were sent to Muttur last week by the Ministry of Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Refugees. The provisions sufficient for 7 days will be distributed among the displaced families in Muttur.

Minister of Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Refugees, Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena speaking from Jaffna, said that the dry rations including 133 metric tonnes of rice, 20.1 metric tonnes of dhal and 12.5 metric tonnes of sugar were sent through the Trincomalee Assistant Government Agent to the Chairmen of Co-operative Societies in Muttur, who will distribute them with the help of law enforcement authorities in the district. relief from ngo

ZOA Refugee Care, a non-governmental aid organisation, has initiated a major Emergency Response Programme to help the displaced persons in Muttur with food and household support distributions, water and sanitation facilities, reconciliation and peace building initiatives.

ZOA Refugee care has worked in Trincomalee District and Muttur since 1998, implementing multi-sectorial relief and rehabilitation projects helping refugees, IDPs and host communities, irrespective of their religion, ethnicity or background. ZOA's mandate is to empower these communities to move from relief to development from conflict to peace, from chaos to stability and from dependence to self-reliance.

"All we can do is to be present, help where we can and assist both communities in an equal and fair manner",said Anneke Van Eyk, ZOA's Project Manager in Muttur: "We have so far assisted more than 2,000 displaced with food distributions.

"We are distributing non-food relief items, like lamps, mats, beds and buckets for the most vulnerable families. We started with the construction of temporary latrines at the camps and are supplying clean water in order to derail outbreaks of waterborne diseases.

We have also started discussions with the displaced on the reconstruction and repair of their houses, " he said.

ZOA, in addition to these ongoing relief efforts, has intensified its liaison and networking activities with both the Muslim and Tamil leaders so as to assist in diffusing tension and reconcile the communities.

This will hopefully help to prevent this man-made disaster to aggravate and hinder the ongoing peace process at community and national level.

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