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Sunday, 1 June 2003  
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Military AGAs co-ordinate flood relief

by Ramani Kangaraarachchi

Thirty-five military officers have been deployed in flood affected areas to as AGAs to co-ordinate the smooth distribution of food items provided by the World Food Organisation and to get the wells cleaned for potable water.

Senior Commanders have been appointed to monitor the progress. Twelve Navy officers have been deployed in Kalutara and Galle along with 23 officers in Ratnapura, Galle, Matara and Hambantota areas. Activities in all these places are still monitored and co-ordinated by the operations room set up at the Prime Minister's office.

Army sources said that this process will have to be continued for another 10 days. Meanwhile the number of houses completely destroyed by the flood and earthslips have come down to 9900 by Friday.

According to SSP Rienzy the initial figures were due to people giving misleading information. However 30000 houses have been partly destroyed and 248 deaths have been reported by now. Diplomatic sources said that Indian medical teams will also have to stay for a longer period since the medical teams are still highly occupied. They are awaiting government approval for that.

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