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A bride fluent in English with good family background sought by GB parents in Australia for 38 years son very fair good character B.Sc. Honours Computer MBA Australian citizen part owner of IT company also works in Government Department as IT Consultant earns over 50,000 Dollars a year visiting Sri Lanka soon caste immaterial. E-mail:  

Accomplished pretty charming daughter below 27 yrs. with good character is sought by K/G/B parents for fair very handsome son 34 yrs., 5'8" with exemplary character teetotaller non-smoker well employed in UK. Owns substantial assets and valuable house and property in UK and Sri Lanka. Reply with details and horoscope. TP. 94-1-2291564.  

A fair beautiful bride with loving caring nature sought by Sinhala Govi Buddhist upcountry parents in Colombo, for fair smart handsome son 35 yrs., 5'8". Holds dual UK qualifications (Accountant) and well employed as Head of Department / Director with substantial investments. He is religious, non-smoker and independent willing to relocate in UK/USA. Reply with horoscope details. Email :  

Catholic Sinhala family UK citizens seeks pretty partner for son 26, 5'9" fair handsome, health sector professional. Email  

G/B parents seek a partner for B.Sc. Graduate son, IT Executive in a private company in Colombo. 5'8", 32 years, caste immaterial, should be willing to migrate to Australia. E-mail : 

G/B/S mother, college professor / USA, seeks professionally qualified G/B/S partner 25 - 29, for handsome son, just turning 31. Chem/Engineer/IT Specialist, Boston area, USA. No alcohol, no smoking. Values S/B Srilankan culture. Only brother, 29, unmarried, Engineer / IT Specialist, Bio-tech / Pharmaceutical industry, USA. Dowry, horoscope, non-concerns. Genuine, sincere person with gentle disposition desired. Work / settle East Coast / USA essential. Email: Fax : 413 825 0584.  

Sri Lankan Buddhist parents British citizens living in UK would like to introduce their 34 year old only son Electrical Engineer working as Project Manager in a reputed Bank in UK. He has his own house in London. He will be visiting Sri Lanka in mid August for a short holiday and would like to meet an educated English speaking, slim, pretty, good-natured bride below 28 years from a respectable family for marriage. Reply with family details, horoscope. E-mail:  



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