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Sunday, 27 July 2003  
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Anura Rohana matches skills on Indian Golf Circuit


Sri Lanka's Anura Rohana is at the moment matching his skills against some top golfing professionals, including Indians, at the Kashmir Open, which is part of the Hero Honda Golf Tour, at the Royal Springs Golf Course in Srinigar. He qualified for the Tour in Poona. He will also figure at the Tamil Nadu Open in Chennai from August 20 to 23 and at the Hero Honda Open in Bangalore from August 26 to 29.

A spokesman for Rohana's sponsors told the Sunday Observer that the Sri Lankan did well at the second qualifying event in Poona after he missed the first. Rohana will not figure at the Cotton City Open in Coimbatore from August 13 to 16, which is also part of the Hero Honda Golf Tour and that there are two further events scheduled to be staged in Chennai yet to be finalised by the organisers.

Rohana then moves to Taiwan to play in the Mercuries Masters, which is a US Dollars 300,000/= event, at the Tamsui Golf Club Course from September 11 to 14. He will again be in Taiwan for the Acer Taiwan Open scheduled for November 20 to 23, which is also another US Dollars 300,000/= event.

He will also figure at the Kolon Cup Korean Open at the Woo Jung Country Club from October 9 to 12 (prize money totalling US Dollars 400,000/=). Rohana returns to India in November for the Hero Honda Masters, which is an US Dollars 300,000/= event, from November 6 to 9 in Chennai.

Rohana then plays at the Volvo China Open in Shanghai from November 13 to 16 which has prize money of US Dollars 500,000/= and then at the Omega Hong Kong Open (US Dollars 700,000/= event) at the Hong Kong Golf Club from December 4 to 7.

Earlier, Rohana, played at the 37th Thailand Open and Qatar Masters where he failed to make the "cut", but finished 42nd at the Myanmar Open at Yangon and 14th out of 156 with a 6-under-par 282 at the Royal Challenge Indian Open at Delhi.

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