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Weapons of mass destruction

Sel Lipi by Gotabhaya

Swasthi Shree! Thus says his sacred Majesty, the gracious Great King, glorious Chakravarthi, King of the Kings of Maya, Pihiti and Ruhuna, Mahoora of the Vanniala-aeththo and ruler of all lands from Yapapatuna to Sampanthota:

In the month of Medhin the chakravathi of Amerikaawa, Pandhura, released his mighty hordes of sannaha-clad warriors, looking like the armies of Mara in the Yama war, together with his dhandumonaras and his yudha rathas, against the Yonaka Land Between the Rivers. He said he did so because his foe, Takritiye Sadhaam, had the dreaded agneyashthra and pashupathasthra weapons. On the first day of the month of Vesak he declared that the foe was vanquished.

Now it is the month of Nikini, and nearly three hundred of the warriors of Amerikaawa and Brithaanya have been killed, over one third of these since the first day of Vesak. Nor yet have the agneyashthra and pashupathasthra weapons been found. Questions have been raised in the sangaayanaawa of Amerikaawa and in the audience hall of Brithaanya, as to whether these weapons did, in fact exist. The brilliant hethu pala dhamma sophism of Pandhura's agra purohitha, Kolon Pawul, that the agneyashthra and pashupathasthra must be existent by their very non-existence, does not seem to be acceptable anymore.

The agra purohitha himself, who was previously considered to be a sakrudhaagaami or even an arahant, is now being looked at through squint eyes. It is said that his own charapurushayas had informed him of the paucity of evidence about the agneyashthra and pashupathasthra weapons, before he made his speech, asserting that they did indeed exist, before the united representatives of the chakravarthis of the world.

Balaya, the chakravarthi of Brithaanya and Pandhura's musippaththuwaa, is also having searching questions put to him, especially after a certain yogi betook himself to the Yama world. This yogi is said to have made revealing statements to the dreaded Beebee telivisaya, the former vandhibattayas with whom Balaya is locked in mortal combat.

Now it has come to the notice of the Maha Wasala that the proclamation tom-toms of Kim, the chakravarthi of the Hermit Kingdom have announced that the land of morning calm is possessed of agneyashthra and pashupathasthra weapons. Furthermore, he has warned Pandhura against attempting to invade, and has threatened the land of Pahala Yata with instant destruction.

When Takritiye Sadhaam denied possessing these dread weapons, let alone of threatening Amerikaawa, Pandhura accused him of telling untruths. Now, when the chakravarthi of Koriyaawa declares that he himself does have these weapons, and says that he will use them, Pandhura accuses him of uttering musaavaadhas. Whilst, in regard to the Land Between the Rivers, Pandhura declared that inspectors were not required, in the case of the Hermit Kingdom pareekshakas are said to be necessary to verify if the weapons do in fact exist.

It is said that certain ignoble persons are drawing unsavoury conclusions from the comparison between the two countries. They say that Sadhaam had the magical thel, which is coveted by the ilk of Pandhura, but not the agneyashthra and pashupathasthra weapons to defend himself, while Kim has the weapons to defend himself but not the magical thel.

Of course such sentiments are certainly not attributed by us to the chakravarthi of chakravarthis, Pandhura II.

We know that he has only the good of the people of both the Land Between the Rivers and of the Land of Morning Calm at heart. He is certainly not swayed by arguments about the existence or non-existence of thel.

Swasthi Shree! This rock edict is made on this day of Ravi of the month of Nikini of the year of the Saka Era 1930.

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