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Young inventor leads six companies

Very rarely do you come across people with many talents. Thusith Thanthirige is an inventor, entrepreneur, singer, composer, you name it, he has done it all.

At present he is the team leader of not one but six companies namely Exit, Extreme Team, Super Extremes, Extreme Invents, Extreme Sports and Inventor Profile.

The company Exit provides study courses in Hardware, Graphics as well as Computer and Video." We charge a very nominal fee since we want our youth to be educated in all these subjects," he said. The extreme team imparts knowledge on inventions on a voluntary basis. "The Super Extremes is a musical group and the members are my sister and I.

From composing the song to singing everything is handled by us and all the songs are originals, " Thanthirige said.

"The company Extreme Invents is a one stop shop and there is nothing that our team can't handle, be it advertising, marketing, interior decoration, photography, videography, designing of logos. you name it we handle it," he quipped.

Extreme Sports trains people in yoga, swimming and other sports activities while Inventor Profile is my own effort to display my own talents and capabilities as an inventor," he said.

Going down memory lane he said that his first invention was a telephone when he was studying in Grade six at Ananda College. "At that time electronics was not taught as a subject and I had to make it on my own. As I experienced some problems I did not display it at the exhibition but my thirst for knowledge in electronics grew," Thanthirige said.

It paved the way for Thanthirige to develop a remote controlled multi channel home security system, a digital dice, a high quality FM sound broadcasting system, an Auto train signal system and a low cost chemical titration in computers. All these were displayed at the Science for Tomorrow exhibition organised by Ananda College in 1993.

An environment friendly light sensitive auto light system, a secret message system, a security system for vehicles and a remote control system for games were some of the inventions in the next batch.

Thanthirige developed a remote controlled scoreboard in 1994 which was further improved in 1996. "In the international market such scoreboards are very expensive and I have completed such a score board for the National Youth Services Council Maharagama and during that time I faced a lot of hardships since I did not get the required support from the officials," he said.

Some of the other inventions are a "super scientific heater" where it automatically switches off once the water starts boiling. this useful invention will be launched on the market very soon.

"I made a Master defensive medical instrument which is a monitoring system linked to the mother computer at the nurses station which helps the staff to constantly monitor the condition of the patient.

The mother computer displays the pulse rate and even shows when the saline is over or whether it is running out, "Thanthirige said.

He was a winner of the TOYP award as well as the winner of the Commonwealth Youth award for Inventions. (SG)

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