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Attorney-at-Law attached to leading Group of Companies in Colombo Buddhist, mid thirties, drawing attractive salary, owns house & properties worth 10 M. father retired Asst. Commissioner, sister and family in USA seeks professionally / academically qualified partner. Reply details with copy of horoscope. Email -  MB1516 

B/G good looking, slim, 22 1/2 yrs., 5'2", over 1.5 million dowry, M.I.T. Under-graduate Colombo Campus, Saturn in 7th House. 2 elder brothers are involved higher studies. Mother seeks honest qualified partner for her daughter. Send details with horoscope.  

Educated S/B suitable partner sought by parents for fair pretty kind hearted daughter young looking graduate trainee Lawyer 37 5' 4" in UK Valuable assets in UK and SL. Caste immaterial Kuja 7, Shani 12 - Rehana Nekatha. E-mail  

GB parents father Consulting Engineer seek suitable partner for young-looking, pretty widow 43, employed abroad as Manager Travel and Tours with high salary car house and owning house and property Kandy. Coming mid June holiday. 94-81-2388022.  

G/B parents seek suitable partner below 36 for their professionally qualified only child daughter aged 31 yrs 5'1" slim fair and very attractive and holding top managerial position in a reputed group of companies. Previous registration annulled being the complainant. Possesses newly built house suburbs of Colombo. Malefic horoscope. Respond with full details Email:  

Kandyan Govi Buddhist professional parents from Kandy seek a suitable partner with sober habits for only daughter ex Bank Executive 44 looks much younger fair beautiful smart height 5'4" excellent character substantial wealth including a house. Details with horoscope. E-mail:  

Karawa Catholic parents seek a Doctor, Engineer, or a person of similar status under 30 years for convent educated daughter 24 years, height 5'-6", fair, slim and pretty, professionally trained, non-working. Her only sister is married to a professional, and residing in the United States. Assets include cash and properties over Rs.30 million. E-mail:  

Moor family seeks groom for 27 tall fair pretty MBBS Doctor. Professionals Doctors Engineers already in Europe or willing to go for higher studies preferred. E-mail:  

Moor parents seek a suitable professionally qualified partner for MSc & BSc qualified Engineer daughter aged 31 years. Pleasant looking & religious.  94-91-2225544  

Parents in UK looking for caring professional partner under forty, for Chemistry Post Graduate daughter UK citizen. Send details and telephone number. Holidaying Sri Lanka until mid June. No divorcees.

Tamil Catholic parents seek suitably qualified professional groom between 36-39 years either home/abroad for their convent educated professional daughter fair 65" with outstanding personality. Dowry available. 94-777660253.  



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