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B/G parents from Colombo suburbs seek for early marriage, a fair, beautiful, English educated daughter, preferably a professional/graduate in Accounting/IT, around 27 years for their handsome son, 29 years, 5'8", Royalist, Dual citizenship, holding an executive position with the Australian Federal Government. Non­smoker, teetotaller. Owns house + car in Australia. Malefic horoscope Shani 7th Kuja 8th. Reply early with copy of the horoscope and full family details. E­mail: or phone +94 777 427 119. 

B/G parents seek a fair, slim, kind daughter for their kind­hearted, non­smoker graduate son, 24, employed in a multinational company in New Zealand, with assets. Full details with horoscope in first letter. E­mail: 

Buddhist Govi parents seek educated daughter values Buddhist culture for son 24, six-footer pursuing graduate studies USA, visiting August. Reply horoscope. E­mail 

Buddhist Karawa parents seek for son 39 5'10" fair handsome very gentle kind nature possessing Master's Degree in US engaged as Research Associate in reputed Research institute drawing handsome salary and having income from investments seek kind-hearted qualified pretty bride. 

Buddhist Karawe, parents seek educated partner for son 29 MSc Computer Engineer employed in USA coming to Sri Lanka in November 

G/B parents seek for son 31 yrs. 5'8" working in USA professional in Multinational company with Buddhist values kind caring a beautiful professional 26­30 yrs. only with similar qualities from Sri Lanka or abroad. Differences immaterial. Please reply non­malefic horoscope full family details. Confidentiality assured.

Sinhala B/G family living abroad looking for a suitable partner for son, age 25+ yrs, 168cm tall, PhD student in bio­medical science in Australia. The girl should be well­mannered, educated with university degree, willing to migrate and live in a traditional Sri Lankan way. University students will be considered. Please reply with details. 

Sinhala Catholic parents Canadian citizens seek a professionally qualified girl for 27-year-old son BComm graduate 5'8" working as a Human Resources Analyst in Canada, owns house and property in Canada. E­mail 



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