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Accomplished beautiful educated tall sociable daughter sought by Buddhist Govigama affluent educated parents well established British citizens for only son possessing substantial assets 27+ years 6'2" tall handsome athletically built physical culturist sportsman Thomian B.Sc Hons. British University qualified employed Engineer well disciplined well mannered intelligent progressive honest with integrity and potential for advancement. Recently became owner of semidetached house in London. Inherits parental property in London and Colombo. Only sister settled in USA. Both professionals. Caste immaterial. Respond with horoscope.  

A pretty bride from a B/G family is sought by Colombo suburbs mother for son 5'6" 36, young looking with sober habits. He is academically (MSc) and professionally qualified working as a Manager at a leading company. Good salary and entitled for other fringe benefits. Well placed. No encumbrances. Early replies preferred.  

B/G parents seek a beautiful good charactered qualified partner 26 to 30 years for professionally qualified son 31 years 5'9" working in an international company in UK non malefic horoscope. Differences immaterial. Please reply with horoscope & full details email  

Catholic Govi mother seeks a bride of same caste and religion of a respectable family residing in the States for her handsome only son aged 35 height 5'11" employed in Florida USA.  

Colombo Govi Buddhist 48, 5'9" graduate bachelor non-smoker work for non-government organization having property and other investments seek a kind, spiritual simple young lady for marriage. No dowry expected. Divorcee without encumbrance also considered. Self-reply preferred. Please reply with full details. E-mail:  

G.B down South mother seeks pretty educated daughter for son well mannered non smoker teetotaller 29 years 5' 4" Civil !Engineer CIMA III presently employed in CECB. Reply with horoscope.  

G/B Sinhala parents UK residents seek good looking bride for their 34 year old son, professionally qualified Engineer working for international company in London. Please apply with horoscope.  

Govi Buddhist Colombo suburbs parents seek pretty daughter below 30 height below 63" for their son, final year Ph.D student, girl should be willing to reside in USA for few years. Reply with copy of horoscope. Email:  

Moor parents from Sri Lanka working abroad seek suitable bride preferably resident in a Western Country for son 29 yrs., fair, 5'8" in height, educated in the English medium and has worked abroad and in Sri Lanka. Presently in UK, doing his MBA. Contact No. 0096650970403 or email  

Muslim wealthy businessman with considerable assets looking for a very fashionable, pretty bride for marriage. Age below 36 and divorcees also considered. Self replies with contact number.  

Professional Salagama Buddhist / Catholic parents residing in the UK seek to introduce their son (27, 5'10", British citizen) to a pretty, well mannered educated partner from a family of similar educational / professional background. He is a UK graduate & UK qualified Chartered Accountant, currently practising in the worlds leading professional services firm educated in a leading school in Colombo and a top ten UK University. He is a non smoker and is of sober habits with a good sense of humour and is ex-national (Sri Lankan) sportsman, assets both in London and residential Colombo, non-malefic horoscope. Assets, horoscope, religion immaterial. Email-  

Respectable Govigama Catholic parents seek well accomplished daughter for their fair handsome good natured son 27 years. Graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree in Accounting and now doing the finals ACCA exam presently in London. He is a Director of a well established company and having assets over Rs. 20 million. Reply with full details and contact number.  

Wealthy businessman looking for a very pretty partner below 35 years, height above 5'2" for early marriage. Religion immaterial. Foreigners divorcees considered. Please self replies only.  

S B/G parents seek a pretty educated kind daughter for handsome 6' 32 years son MSc (USA) Senior Scientist in USA. Has properties in US SL. Prefers girl educated working in USA migrate to US. Horoscope needed.



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