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Action learning Msc for professionals

Dr. Eric Sandelands President of the Canadian School of Management, Senior Vice President (Professional Development) for International Management Centres Association (IMCA), and a Professor of International Business at Revans University - the University of Action Learning, arrived in Sri Lanka to launch the Action Learning MSC in Strategic Management.

Successful graduates earn the academic award of Master of Science (Strategic Management) from Revans University, USA, and the professional distinction of Fellow of International Management Centres Association (IMCA), UK.

The Action learning MSC is an innovative learning programme that has been developed for CEO's and experienced senior managers.

The Master of Science (Strategic Management) is designed for experienced senior managers with challenging strategic roles within any industry / sector.

The minimum entry requirements are a Bachelor degree from a cognisant discipline, or similar level professional qualification with 5 years management experience and currently holding a management position; or 10 years or progressive management experience and currently holding a senior management position.

By The programme was pioneered by professor Reginald Revans who foresaw where distance learning and business studies would be in today's world . It is presented in Sri Lanka through the SATH Business School in collaboration with the International Management Centres Association(IMCA) and Revans University. The program is normally completed over a 12 month period of part-time study - e-resourced with 6 facilitated 2 day workshops during 12 months.

The cohort (action learning set) is kept deliberately small (maximum 17 managers) to enable participative, customized learning;During the program participants work in sub-sets of 3 or 4 managers with similar challenges, providing peer support and shared insights.

E-learning support includes an e-library with around 3,000 journal titles (e.g. any article published in Harvard Business Review between 1929 & 2004 would be available.

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