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Sunday, 16 January 2005    
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Speed up peace process- CPSL

The Communist Party of Sri Lanka (CPSL) in a press statement has called upon all concerned to convert the unity in adversity forged by the people into a lasting unity based on diversity by speeding up the peace process.

It calls upon the LTTE to respond positively by extending the hand of friendship and cooperation to create an atmosphere conducive to a negotiated settlement of the issues without resorting to a self-imposed isolation.

The CPSL appreciated the leadership of President Kumaratunga in the tasks of relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction and commended the exemplary role played by the armed forces and the police from the very first hours of the disaster.

It also called upon the government to limit the activities of foreign military personnel strictly to relief operations. The CPSL has also stressed the need to keep in mind the need to go ahead with the new economic strategy outlined in the Budget 2005.

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