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CIMA world prize for youngest Lankan

Sri Lankan CIMA student, Thiwanka Hewage (16) emerged the youngest to be awarded a world prize of the November 2004 CIMA examination. Besides being an `A' level student, Hewage is a managerial level student, who follows the BBA degree at ICBS. ICBS is a CIMA quality partner business school.

ICBS general manager, S. Sivabaskaran told the media that not behind Thiwanka is his twin brother, Thilanka who is also a CIMA + BBA + a super 16+ student. Thilanka was placed fourth in the world for IMPM. Considering that only 44 percent of students pass this subject in Sri Lanka it is a creditable achievement, Sivabaskaran said at the awards ceremony.

Ms Mangalika Gunathilaka won a world prize under the tutorial guidance of Ravi Mahendran and Sidath Dissanayake.

Sachithra Hemachandra won a world or Sri Lankan prize at every CIMA examination, he sat to date. This time he clinched the Sri Lanka prize for organised management.

Apart from successful managerial level students, a final year student, Sheroshi Nandasiri, a longstanding student of ICBS emerged a Sri Lankan prize winner. Pravin Rajaratnam won a Sri Lanka prize.

A special award went to Minfaz Hilmy - The youngest CIMA passed finalist.

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