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Affluent, Catholic, Govi parents -father Engineer- seek for son, 31Y, 5' 9 1/2", Swiss qualified Hotelier, US citizen, employed 5 Star Hotel, Assistant Banquet Manager. Following MBA part time. Professionally / Academically qualified, cultured partner, preferably employed abroad, for early marriage. Horoscope compatible to Puwaputpa 3rd Pada Nakatha, Kethu / Shani 7, Ravi / Buda 8. Reply with horoscope / full details, in first letter. Tel. 94-11-2911053, e-mail:

A well mannered Hindu, never married Tamil bride below 40 and not more than 5'3" is sought for a qualified Accountant with permanent Public Sector job in Sydney 48, 5'3", Hindu, never married Jaffna Tamil, Vegetarian, teetotaller, non smoker, Australian citizen and from Goldsmith caste. Not interested in caste or dowry. 

B/G parents seek for their 32 years old son (multilingual, 183cm tall, handsome, cheerful and well-mannered Ivy League alumnus working in the USA as a Financial Executive), a well educated pretty, fair , slim and tall daughter. The ideal partner would be someone who is resident in the USA or prepared to take up residence there and who, while taking pride in her Sri Lankan background, is able to respect and appreciate other cultures. Caste immaterial. Please reply with horoscope and family details. 

Buddhist parents Colombo suburbs seek daughter residing in USA for son 33 yrs 6' licensed Air-craft Maintenance Engineer B.Sc Aeronautics employed Airline Company in USA. Reply full details with horoscope Tel.No. Contact 94-11-2645331 after 5.00 p.m. 

Buddhist Salagama Durawa parents seek a professionally qualified daughter under the age 26 yrs who is willing to migrate for their eldest son B.Sc Engineer holding a permanent post in Australia. He is 31 yrs, 5 ft. 10 ins. in height and a non-smoker teetotaller, who values Buddhist ways of living. Apply with copy of horoscope. Caste immaterial. E-mail: 

G/B well educated family seeks a partner for youngest son 30 yrs. 5'7" Royalist permanent employed Australia, visiting in end March, Reply with horoscope (non malefic) and details. Email

Govi Buddhist well connected respectable parents seek partner for son fair, handsome, Software Engineer (BSc Engineering - University of Moratuwa), 28 years 5'7" height worked as a Software Engineer in a multinational IT company in Sri Lanka. Currently working in UK as a Software Engineer for University of London UK. Inherits house, vehicle & other assets. Reply with horoscope 

Govi Buddhist mother in Colombo suburbs seeks a well educated fair bride with a good character who is willing to migrate later for her handsome youngest son an Engineer non-smoker teetotaller 37 years six feet with a good income and a very good family background. Reply with a copy of the horoscope. E-mail:

Govigama Christian parents seek for well established handsome son 31 yrs, professionally employed in U.S.A. a partner with professional qualifications from same caste and religion. Reply with full details in first letter. Reply to: 

Sinhala Buddhist parents seek partner preferably with good educational background for their son 28, 5'7" US citizen pursuing MS/PhD parents visiting Sri Lanka soon. 



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