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Sunday, 13 March 2005    
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Hail women!

The Sceptic greets all women, though belatedly, on the occasion of International Women's Day, which fell on March 8. Like Mark Twain I love all women. There are, of course, degrees of affection. To put it in a different way I love womankind for they as part of the larger Mankind inspire us men.

Anyway without them where could we be? Certainly in the land of the unborn, for they carry us in their wombs for nine and half months, feeding and caring us. Whether emperor or pauper, saint or criminal every man has a lasting attachment to his mother even after the umbilical cord has been cut off.

Our Father which art in heaven made man in his own image. On Second thought he made woman from the same flesh, from the limb of man. Unlike Adam who was meek Eve from her birth was a rebel. She made Adam eat the forbidden fruit. From that Original Sin everything flowed though one would question whether it was a sin at all. Sin or no sin we owe a debt to Eve for everything that this world produced since then.

Women are supposed to be the weaker sex. I beg to disagree. They endure hardships better. They live longer. They bear stress better for how else could they live in this world of moody men who want their wives or consorts to pamper them, to feed them and to run hundred and one errands for them

. At times they pretend to be babes. At other times they go for the throat of their female companions. From the moment a woman says, "I do" she has to do everything and give in to everything. There is no escape.

On March 8 she is annually greeted, felicitated and applauded. Some say it with flowers. Others flower kisses. But begin March 9, she is back again in square One.

The same old drudgery, the same old worries, the same old troubles haunt her. Gone are the flowery speeches, the rituals and resolutions.

Even Women's Lib has been unable to lift women up. For decades they have been trying. Take word from me, they will achieve nothing as long as their male counterparts do not cooperate.

Women's Lib is not a pan-women affair.

It is a task for all - men, women all. On this International Women's Day the Sceptic appeals to all men to pull their socks together and lift women up and not put them or push them down. The time for halves is over, even if they are better halves.

- the Sceptic

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