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Sunday, 13 March 2005  
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LTTE awaits government response

by Ananth Palakidnar and Ranga Jayasuriya

The head of the LTTE political wing, S. P. Thamilselvan has announced that the LTTE has accepted the draft prepared by the Norwegian facilitators for a joint mechanism to deal with the tsunami relief measures. But the Norwegian peace facilitators said yesterday that they were not informed of any agreement by the LTTE and ruled out any role of the Norwegians in drafting the proposals.

"There are no proposals drafted by the Norwegians. We are only facilitating the exchange of views," the Norwegian Embassy spokesman, Tom Knabbskog told the Sunday Observer.

Thamilselvan speaking at a press briefing during his European tour said the LTTE was waiting for the government's response.

"The Norwegians have now prepared a new draft proposal on joint mechanism and the LTTE accepts the draft proposal in order to work with the Government. So the Government should now come out with its response towards the draft."

The Norwegian Embassy spokesman however said the Norwegian facilitators had not been informed of any agreement by the LTTE.

"There is no agreement yet. There are a few issues to be sorted out" he said. A senior peace secretariat official earlier told the Sunday Observer that the Government through the Norwegian peace facilitators had conveyed certain proposals to the LTTE.

"There were certain proposals going up and down. Earlier we gave our views on these proposals to the Norwegians and these were conveyed to the LTTE".

"And we are waiting for the LTTE's response to these proposals. And we have not received it by Friday," he said.

He ruled out any Norwegian role in drafting the joint mechanism.

"There is no Norwegian drafted proposal. All proposals (on the joint mechanism) is drafted by the two parties," he said.

The Norwegian Embassy Spokesman however said the peace facilitators hoped that the two parties would reach an agreement on the joint mechanism soon. Earlier, Norwegian diplomatic sources said the two parties were at the "final mile" of their negotiations.

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