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Sunday, 3 April 2005  
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15th Sri Rahula vs Sri Sumangala April 9 and 10

by S. K. Jiffrey Abdeen - Kandy Sports Corr.

The 15th annual 'Big Match' - the Kandy's 'Battle of the Golds' between Sri Sumangala College, Kandy and Sri Rahula College, Katugastota will be played at the Asgiriya International Cricket Stadium in Kandy on April 9th and 10th with play starting at 9.45 a.m. on both days.

A total of 14 matches have been played in the series with Sri Sumangala College in the lead with two wins against none by Sri Rahula College. Sri Sumangala's two wins came in the early years of the battle.

They won it in the inaugural year when this school was run under the name of St. Paul's College and their next win came in the third year. Thereafter all the matches played have ended in draws.

Sri Rahula College led by allrounder Asoka Gunaratne have played 10 matches won 1 and lost 1 to Ananda College while rest of the matches have ended in draws.

Sri Sumangala College led by Charaka Wijeratne played three matches during the third term winning 1, losing 1 and drawing the other.

They did not play any inter-school matches during the first term but they are determined to play the Big Match due to the efforts taken by their Coach cum Master In Charge and Cricket broadcaster Upali Wijesinghe. With very little exposure, Sri Sumangalians will have an herculean task in providing the opposition to Sri Rahula side which had done well this year.

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