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B/G parent seeks suitable partner for fair and young looking professional daughter, 44 yrs, 5' tall employed  as Director of a reputed organisation. Property & other assets available. Well established no encumbrances. Widowers / Divorcees considered. Email:

An educated handsome partner, sought by Govi Buddhist mother, for tall 5'6", fair, slim, beautiful daughter, 33 years, Australian citizen, well-employed in government Department, Melbourne. Partner from Australia, specially Melbourne, welcome. Persons willing to migrate, can also apply. Substantial assets. Caste immaterial. Non malefic horoscope essential. E-mail:    

A respectable Buddhist parents from Colombo seek a suitable professional partner for only daughter 30 pleasant , 5'2" BSc Science, well employed, kind hearted, inherits substantial assets.  

A Buddhist Sinhala Salagama Southern graduate mother seeks educated partner for 31 yrs 5'1" daughter, NIBM Computer Diploma holder, ACS certified, BCS Finalist Senior Software Engineer in reputed firm in Colombo. Caste immaterial. Dowry available. Reply with full details. E-mail:

Buddhist Govi Australian citizen parents seek for their 27 year old very attractive 5'5" tall Commerce Graduate daughter with chartered accountancy qualifications employed in an Executive government position a suitable partner. We seek a sincere, professionally qualified, non-smoker with good character and sober habits preferably working in Australia. Our family members are professionally qualified and well established in Australia and Sri Lanka. Please reply with full family details. email

BG parents seek partner for daughter 29, 5'7" slim smart accomplished well employed inheriting substantial assets. Replies in Sinhala/English with horoscope.

Cousin seeks suitable partner for pleasant unmarried lady Govi Budhdist UK citizen well employed aged sixty with substantial assets, looks much younger. Differences immaterial.

Govi Buddhist parents from suburbs of Colombo seek well educated partner with excellent qualities for their daughter fair 64" tall 33 years old PhD Chemistry USA work visa, will be in SL December when matrimonial arrangements could be finalised. Contact with horoscope, telephone number.

Govi Buddhist parents are looking for compatible partner for Doctor daughter, 35 yrs old, residing in the U.K. She is slim, kind, attractive and fair in complexion. We are looking for a well established, stable professional or an educated businessman to be a supportive partner to our daughter. Will be in Sri Lanka in December. (email).

G/B teacher mother seeks a son Doctor Engineer Lawyer for 29+ daughter internship Doctor with dowry, slim fair 63" same caste.

Govi Buddhist parents seek a suitable partner for their slim,  fair, pretty, kind broadminded daughter with a clear vision for the future. She is in her late twenties and looking for a loving faithful goal-oriented, progressive individual with integrity. She is a qualified Accountant with a postgraduate degree from top U.K. University. Professionals and educated businessmen considered, self replies welcome. email -

Inviting G/B Graduate professional for Graduate (Chemistry / Pianoforte) Teacher of Kegalle / Kandy origin, 31/5'2", with assets. Lived abroad for sometime after completing schooling in Colombo. A person exposed to meditation and simple life style preferred. Self replies appreciated.

Karawa Buddhist mother seeks unmarried professional / educated businessman for daughter just 40 slim and pretty employed in the computer field likes to migrate. Dowry available Govi considered. E-mail:

Professional parents (Sinhala Buddhist, Australian citizens) seek a well presented, professionally qualified son, preferably below 31, willing to settle in Australia, for their daughter. She is a medical registrar (MBBS) attached to a prestigious hospital in Australia. She is 25, pretty, slim and smart. Full details in the first letter please. Caste, religion immaterial. E-mail

Respectable Sinhala Buddhist affluent parents (Colombo immediate suburb) seek a professional or an educated businessman for 24 year old accomplished pretty fair daughter 5' 2", studied at a Leading Convent in Colombo. CIM qualified. Will inherit assets worth Rs. 40 ml including a brand new luxury house and valuable income generating real estate. Caste immaterial. Please reply with family details, horoscope and phone number. Email :

Well connected Govi Buddhist family seeks partner for sister young looking unmarried 5'5" tall in good health 53 yrs. held high post and good pension owns land vehicle and other assets. Professionals with good income. Interested in travelling. Horoscope with family details. Should be tall.



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