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Sunday, 11 December 2005  
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Happy Birthday Sir Arthur C. Clarke!

The British born Sri Lankan national Sir Arthur C. Clarke will celebrate his 88th birthday on December 16.

Born in Bristol, England on December 16, 1917 young Arthur received his early education at Kings Educational Institution in London. He obtained an honours degree for Science.


The knowledge of science and technology he acquired from his younger days and also the fiction he wrote on various subjects immensely helped him to obtain the popularity of the world community.

The magazine 'Wireless World' written by Sir Clarke in 1945 gave a comprehensive description about the concept of Satellite and this resulted in the world becoming a global village.

During his short tour to Sri Lanka in 1954, Sir Arthur decided to make his permanent resident here. In response to this, the Government of Sri Lanka too offered him the citizenship in 1975. Sir Arthur won several local and international awards during the past few decades for the important contributions he made towards the development of science and technology.

He was also awarded the prestigious "Marcony" award in 1982, along with a cash donation of US dollars 50,000. The money was utilized to construct a Modern Technological institute at Mortauwa and later this was named as the Sir Arthur C. Clarke Centre for Modern Technology by the Government.

Sir Arthur also wrote number of fictions on information technology and also about the concept of global village. Some of his books were later translated in to Sinhalese for the benefit of Sinhala readers.

'The Space Odyssey'

He also received a good response from the general public for his contribution "The Space Odyssey". In recognition of the service he rendered to the entire world, the Sri Lanka Postal Department released two stamps, portraying him.

In addition to this, the Government appointed him as the Dean of the Moratuwa University. The Queen awarded him a Knighthood in year 2000.

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