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Sunday, 8 January 2006  
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Laden hot !

by Rikaza Hassan

The men's fashion magazine GQ has had Orlando Bloom, Tom Brady, Cameron Diaz and most recently Jennifer Aniston on its cover. This month features a photo spread of provocative photographs of Wafah Dufour. Wafah Who? The Wafah who is the niece of Osama Bin Laden of course.

Wafah bin Laden is the daughter of Carmen bin Laden, the author of the 2004 bestseller "Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabia." the book relates the story of her trouble-filled marriage to Yeslama bin Laden, the half brother of the international outlaw, Osama. Wafah found the post September 11 world harsh and judgemental, it made her feel cursed and guilty about something she had nothing to do with. So she took her mother's maiden name, though the bin Laden taint continued to haunt her wherever she went.

Wafah was born in Santa Monica, California while her parents attended the University of Southern California. She holds an American passport and has not been in Saudi Arabia since the age of ten. She has no contact with most of her relatives including her father and she cannot speak Arabic. She told the magazine, "At the end of the day, I believe that the American people understand things and they have compassion and they see what's fair. They're very fair, and that's why I love America and that's why my mom loves America."

Yes Wafah Dafour has to put up with a lot of racism and discrimination in free and fair America, but so do a lot of other Saudis and Asians in the country. Wafah even has the added advantage of being filthy rich. So why pose for racy pictures in a men's magazine? It seems to be that Wafah is in the midst of following in the footsteps of the rich and spoilt Paris Hilton, she wants to be a pop star.

Ever since the destruction of the World Trade Centre in the U.S. Wafah Dafour has been afraid of not being offered a recording contract because of her connection to 'the bin Laden'. If she can actually sing, no one seems to care (how many pop stars can sing?).

So in an effort to get her 15 minutes of fame Ms. Dafour who politely declines to reveal her age, together with the help of her publicist, met with GQ and offered to do a photospread in next to nothing.

Clad in sensual lingerie and a feather boa to accessorize, the slender, long haired, dusky Wafah pouts to the camera as she rests provocatively on satin sheets. In yet another picture Wafah poses in a bath tub with just a bit of jewellery on. While it is true that the young woman most certainly is not without looks, she unfortunately also has a striking resemblance to her uncle.

Whatever the fate of Ms. Dafour turns out to be, if we will see her sing her blues away on our televisions, or perhaps on the catwalks of Milan, or never see or hear from again, there is one good thing that Wafah Dafour presented us all with. Forget all those man-made pictures on the internet, we now know what Osama would look like if he was female.

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