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A B/G parents seek suitable partner for their only daughter 22 years 5'5" slim fair and pretty employed in private sector non malefic horoscope dowry house from Colombo. Reply Sinhala / English with horoscope,

Australia residing Sinhala Buddhist parents seek a marriage partner for their 26y daughter. She is well qualified and is employed. A professionally qualified boy, who has done at least part of his studies in the West and currently living and working in a western country would be suitable. Please e-mail with details <>

A B/K respectable family in Colombo seeks a professionally qualified partner for our daughter 30 years, 5'3" fair, pretty, slim, qualified in Australian Masters (MBA) and accountancy exams, CIMA (UK), employed in a finance field in Australia (Aus PR), inherits millions worth of assets including a new house in Colombo. Caste is immaterial. Pls. reply with horoscope and family details to (She is in Sri Lanka for a holiday these days )

B/K mother seeks suitable partner for pleasing daughter 49 yrs. 5'3" Ex. Director. Owns houses & cash.

Educated professional partner is sought for G/B 33 5' slim pleasant post graduate Lawyer daughter Visakhian assets include new house and other necessities willing to go abroad only for higher studies.

Govi Sinhalese Buddhist Christian parents seek suitable partner for their graduate daughter working in Canada PR holder, 27 years 5' 4" slim fair owns a house close to Colombo. Reply with details and horoscope religion immaterial. Email

Govi Buddhist mother seeks an educated good looking life partner for well educated (MBA) 31 years 5'4" slim very pretty and caring daughter currently working for an oil and gas company in USA. Caste religion not important. Please respond to

Mother seeks suitable partner for Govigama Catholic convent educated young looking 33 years 5'5" pretty fair good character owns house Mt.Lavinia close to Galle Road and valuable land.

Moor parents from Colombo seek professionally qualified partner for 26+ 5'5" fair Doctor daughter. Email:

Respecatble Kandyan Radala Buddhist family seeks educated tall partner for fair sister unmarried 48 yrs. 5'4" working methodical owns land building and other assets. Reply with horoscope Family details.

Respectable G/B parents seek a professional partner for their only pretty fair Accountant daughter graduate BSc honours head of finance in prestigious company 33 years 5' 3" malefic horoscope.

Sinhala Buddhist parents (Southern) seeking for a religious educated professional partner living abroad also considered. Our daughter age 32 presently studying for Ph.D abroad. Apply with details and horoscope.

Sri Lankan woman 40 years but looking young divorced with 10 years daughter seeks marriage proposals from Sri Lankans living abroad and foreigners between 50 and 60. I am a prematurely retired Marketing Assistant pensioner. I own new car, house, lands. My email

Sinhala Buddhist parents seek a respectable qualified Buddhist partner for their very pretty well brought up qualified daughter 31 working and living in Australia. Reply with family details and horoscope. Email



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