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A suitable partner of good background need to be educated or a professional is sought by G/B respectable parents for academically and professionally qualified daughter 35 yrs holding high position in financial sector. She's pretty fair and slim 5'3" owns prime land considerable assets own vehicle. Respond giving full details.

B/G well connected respectable professional parents working abroad seek a suitable partner preferably a Doctor for their pretty daughter a Doctor 27 years 5'4" in height partner should be willing to work abroad. Please reply with family details and horoscope. Email-

Buddhist parents seek suitable partner for their daughter Australian qualified computer Engineer currently working in S/L. 5'4" 31 years UK S/L dual citizen. Kuja in 8th House. Email:

Buddhist parents seek a partner for a good-natured, kind-hearted, daughter who is USA qualified Electrical Engineer, 5'6" and 27 yrs., looking for a well-educated, kind-natured, professional partner preferably a Medical Doctor, below 31 yrs., at least 5'8" tall who is residing preferably in USA, Canada, UK. Reply with true family details with contact numbers.

Buddhist Sinhala professional parents seek a partner for their qualified Scientist daughter 29+, 5'4" fair, BSc, PhD, with assets employed in UK. A qualified son with similar background who is living or going to live in UK for some time preferred. Caste immaterial. Horoscope essential. E-mail:

Colombo suburb B/G 34 yrs, 5'2" pleasant CIMA partly completed working at a private company as an Accountant. Mother seeks a partner for daughter with sober habits. Reply with horoscope.

G/B mother seeks a qualified professional partner for 33+ younger looking slim pretty daughter, Veterinary Surgeon (BVSc) well employed Colombo with other assets. Reply with horoscope.

G/B parents living in Australia seek a professionally qualified well mannered partner under 33 yrs for their slim and attractive daughter. She is 27 yrs 5'2" and currently working as a Senior Corporate Lawyer for a leading firm in Australia. She has been brought up to uphold traditional Buddhist values. A Doctor, Dentist, IT Specialist or any other professional living in Australia or willing to migrate to Australia is desired. Please reply with full family details to

G/B professional mother seeks a suitable partner for her only daughter 26 yrs 5'7" slim pleasant and attractive an excellent character engaged in post graduate studies in a leading University in Minneapolis USA. A suitable person studying/working in Minnesota is preferred or who is willing to migrate to USA from Sri Lanka for post graduate studies/working are also considered. Please send details with horoscope. E-mail

Govi Sinhalese Buddhist Christian parents seek suitable partner for their graduate daughter working in Canada PR holder 28 years 5'4" slim fair owns a house close to Colombo. Reply with details. Religion immaterial. Email-

G/K Buddhist parents living in Melbourne Australia wish to introduce their daughter brought up in Sinhalese, Buddhist tradition, she is 23 yrs. 5' 4" pretty, smart and well accomplished, holding an Honours Degree in Radiography & Medical Imaging from a leading University in Melbourne, currently working in a Government hospital. We seek a professionally qualified suitable partner preferably a Doctor or Medical Student with sober habits willing to settle in Australia. Reply in English / Sinhala with family details, copy of horoscope.

Respectable Govi / Buddhist parent seeks tall kind understanding professional for tall fair attractive daughter 40 yrs. 5'6" was University Lecturer in SL and Research Consultant abroad, owns substantial assets and new house in prime residential area in Colombo. Was innocent party in brief marriage. Reply with family details & horoscope.

Respectable GB parents seek a suitable partner for charming daughter, 32 years, 5'3" tall, USA citizen, educated in the USA including Masters Degree, holding well-paid permanent senior government position in Washington D.C. The would-be partner would have already lived in the USA for sometime and be willing to continue to live there, is professionally qualified, sociable and respects progressive Sri Lankan and Western social values. Kindly contact with details. Email:

Sinhala Catholic parents seek a suitable partner for their 29 year old 5'3" pretty daughter practising as a Barrister in UK. Horoscopes ignored. Please email to

Sinhala Buddhist parents seek well educated professional and personable man between ages 27 and 34 for well educated professionally qualified, beautiful and talented daughter raised in the U.S. height 5'3", aged 27, partner should have liberal perspective and preferably raised in the U.S. Race, caste and religion immaterial. Please respond to with details.

SGB parents living in USA, seek a professionally qualified partner with sober habits, for their daughter, educated in Canada / USA (BA/MBA) and presently employed by an international oil company in USA. Soon turning 32. She is 5'4", pretty, outgoing and has an excellent character. Caste immaterial. E-mail:

S/B mother seeks a suitable partner, academic and professional over 5'7" tall, around 31 - 37 years preferably working and living in Canada for their attractive, slim and well accomplished daughter, B.Sc. graduate, 30 years, well employed in Canada, for brief association and subsequent marriage E-mail

Sri Lankan 55 yrs English Lady Teacher smart divorcee for meaningful companionship with view to marriage caring and loving groom planning to marry NewZealand U.K Canada USA or any other foreign country sought around 50 yrs to 70 yrs. E-mail

Sri Lankan Buddhist lady mid forties fair divorced with 7-years daughter looking for a partner below 55 foreigners preferred. 94-714-207753.

Sri Lankan mixed parents, Canadian citizens, mother seeks a suitable marriage partner for their daughter a graduate, well employed, 30 years, looks much younger, 5'3" slim attractive, well mannered. Should be a professionally qualified son below 37, willing to settle down in Canada or already working in Canada. Please respond with horoscope and family details E-mail




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