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Sunday, 26 March 2006  
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Navy Dvora sunk: 8 sailors missing 11 wounded

by Jayantha Sri Nissanka

Six LTTE suicide cadres yesterday blew themselves up with their trawler sinking a naval Dvora wounding 11 sailors. Eight other sailors missing were believed to have been killed, a senior Navy official told the Sunday Observer yesterday. However, this attack seriously breached the Geneva joint declaration signed between the Government and the LTTE. Six members in the LTTE trawler were also killed in the blast that occurred around 10.30 am yesterday.

The Dvora approached the suspected trawler which was said to be carrying weapons and explosives in Kuthiraimalai off Kalpitiya. It was blown up when the Navy personnel advanced to search the trawler. The magnitude of the explosion proves that a large quantity of explosives were in the trawler, Naval sources said.

"We detected the trawler which was transporting military hardware to the North. This is the novel method of attacking naval crafts. They wait till we approach" the officer said.

A joint operation was launched to rescue the missing sailors and 11 of them were rushed to hospitals. Some of them in a serious condition were air lifted to Colombo. Navy last evening located the area where the navy craft was sunk and complained to the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission.

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