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Inaugural Last Man Stands cricket tournament today

23 October, 2016

The inaugural Last Man Stands (LMS) cricket tournament will commence at De Mazenod College grounds Kandana today.

Four teams from UB Finance, Flexi Packaging, Friends Cricket Club and Lanka Lions will participate.

The tournament will be played on a league basis in the first round. Three matches will be played today and three more matches on Sunday October 30. The top two teams will meet in the final on November 6 (Sunday).

A cash prize of Rs. 100,000 will be awarded to the winning team of the Autumn season 2016 whilst the runners-up will be awarded Rs 50,000. Last Man Stands was founded in 2005, in London, by Bjorn Briggs & Wayne Greve. It is the widest reaching amateur cricket league in the world, bringing together like minded individuals from all walks of life, countries, religions, sex, and races, to enjoy this wonderful format of cricket. Last Man Stands is very easy to join. All you got to have is a strong passion for cricket! This great social outdoor 8-a-side T20 cricket game lasts 2 hours. All 8 wickets are needed to bowl a cricket team out. When the seventh wicket

falls, the Last Man Stands on his own! The Last Man can only score 2, 4 or 6 off any ball. The ball is only dead when the batsman is behind the batting crease at the striker’s end of the

pitch. When the Last Man Stands, he/she can only be run out at the batting crease (keeper’s end). If a batsman is run out under this rule he/she will not get any runs for completing the first run (in other words its two if he/she completes the two and zero if he does not).

The format is T20, 8-a-side and games last around 2 hours. LMS is played by the normal laws of cricket but with a few extra rules to make the game more inclusive and exciting. Each LMS player around the world receives cricket statistics and world rankings online. This allows teams to play cricket locally, and compare their performances to other LMS T20 cricket players from around the world.

All LMS teams receive Team World Rankings as well.

LMS is currently played in England, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Every 2 years there is an LMS world championship. The 2015 LMS world championship was held in Barbados in the Caribbean in March 2015. The Kensington Oval opened its doors to LMS and the games were streamed live around the world. The next world championship will be held in Cape Town in South Africa at the end of 2017. Any LMS team

can be registered to play in the LMS world championship and financial incentives are provided for winners of local and national competitions. (YK)