Water: 30% hike in tariff rates | Sunday Observer

Water: 30% hike in tariff rates

13 November, 2016

The National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NSWDB) announced that there will be a 30% increase in tariffs starting from next month, as the Board had not maintained periodic revisions of tariff rates in over four years. Chairman of the NWSDB, Alahudeen Ansar told the Sunday Observer that although the Board should revise tariff rates every three years, there had been no revisions for the past four years and it was weighing heavily on the utility.

“At present we spend Rs. 46 to produce a single unit of water, but we sell it at a subsidized rate. This has been a huge challenge, contributing to the losses of the Water Board,” he said. “We do not want to burden the consumer, so we will increase it in specific blocks of units.” He said the Water Board is compelled to make the revisions this year, due to inflation and rise in electricity costs. “The increase in tariff will apply to all, ranging from commercial establishments, to households and industries.”

The charges at present are: Rs.12 up to five units, Rs. 16 between 6 and 10 units, and Rs. 20 for units between 11 to 15. It was reported that Rs. 40 which is charged for units between 16 and 20 may be increased up to Rs. 52. Schools and religious establishments are to be excluded from the increase.

State Minister of City Planing and Water Supply, Dr. Sudarshani Fernandopulle told the Sunday Observer that water prices are usually revised every two years and that the revision has not taken place accordingly.

“It is time that we revised the price of a unit of water as we have been providing water at a very low rates over a long period. We provide water to over 36 percent of the population, and we intent to increase this amount and also provide a better service to the people,” the Minister said.




About time! The amount of water wasted by the public is criminal. With an increased tax people will definitely be more water wise.