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The blessings of a kind heart

25 December, 2016
Short Story :

David, a 12-year-old boy was eagerly watching the neighbour's house which had a huge decorated Christmas tree. David, whose father passed away an year ago due to cancer, came to his mother and asked, “Mummy, how are we going to celebrate Christmas this year? When daddy was with us, he bought me nice clothes and the best food. And Mummy, can you remember we had a big Christmas tree?” Tears filled his mother’s eyes.

The mother wanted to make her child happy, but didn’t have the money to fulfill his needs. She opened the wardrobe to see how she could make her child happy. She had only one saree which she valued a lot. David’s mother gave the saree to her son and told him to go to the market and sell it.

The little boy took the saree to the market and sold it for Rs. 500. While he was coming home happily making many plans to celebrate Christmas, he saw some people including children begging on the road. They looked so helpless. The children were crying in hunger. David felt very sorry to see them. David did not have anything with him except the 500 rupee note. Putting all his Christmas plans aside, David gave the money to them saying, “You can buy enough food from this money.”

Saying so, David walked off with a sense of satisfaction. A few metres ahead, there was a man with a goat. The man asked David whether he likes to buy it, as David was looking at the goat passionately. David said, “Yes, I like the goat but I don’t have money to pay you.” The person replied, “Dear son, the value of this goat is Rs. 10,000, and you can pay me in installments.” David was happy and agreed.

Another few metres ahead as David was taking the goat with him, he met another man. He asked David how much the goat was. David said that he bought it for Rs. 10,000. The man asked, “Will you give me the goat for Rs. 15,000?” David was glad and gave the man the goat and took the money home. When he was near his house, he met the person who sold David the goat and the man inquired about it. David said that he sold it for Rs. 15, 000. The person demanded David to pay the dues. So David gave Rs. 10,000 to him.

With the balance Rs. 5000, David went home and gave the money to his mother. She was surprised and told him that the saree is not worth Rs. 5000. David related the whole story to his beloved mother. His mother was very happy to hear it and said, “My son, although you didn’t have money for your needs, your kind heart made you help the poor. And this is a return with God’s blessings.”