Beyond the Image | Sunday Observer

Beyond the Image

The smart phone has glorified the human face
Captured today by a rapid selfie
The trend engulfs the mortal race
As people upload and share in frenzy
Narcissus the Greek was handsome, laden with grace
In his awesome features he took pride
Stared into a clear pool, reflection of his own face
Remained in foolish fixation, till he died
The same mindset continues on Facebook
With comments of likes and raves of despair
Photos of your lunch and how grand you look
On the assumption that you are so rare!
Uploads of tattooed semi nude cleavage
Heads of neon cloured vibrant hair
The supposedly cool fad of this age
Will someone photograph a grizzly bear?
We must realize our own identity
This is what makes us wise and bold
Let’s walk in prudence and dignity
Character is greater than dollars or gold
- Dishan Joseph