BRINGING OUT ‘the computer genius’ IN SCHOOLCHILDREN | Sunday Observer


The certificate award ceremony I witnessed on that memorable day, 24th of December 2016 to be precise at the Urapola DAMRO Community Welfare Service Centre was one such where boys and girls were presented with certificates for successfully completing Computer basics, Computer Software and Office Computer Software courses. The event was a huge success going by the joy filled faces of hundreds of school children, their parents, well wishers and the public at the venue.

Delivering the keynote address, a top official of the company said “computer literacy has overridden all other needs of life and has risen to center stage in the 20th century.

The objective of this endeavours therefore, is to groom tomorrow’s citizenry meaning the school children present here to take on the world by arming them with computer literacy of the highest order just like how we provide them with food, shelter and clothing.”

They may have thought it unwise to keep on giving endlessly, instead, they felt that channeling their vast resources purposefully to ensure that children in communities they have made their presence felt, should be empowered in a fitting manner, so they planned in a participatory manner, in consultation with the community, literally sitting with them, and gauging their basic needs.

The Corporate Social Initiatives that have taken the country by a storm and benchmarked as unique by any yardstick is a direct outcome of this epic momentum that has taken firm root in Sri Lanka’s rural areas, DAMRO Community Welfare Service Centers work tirelessly perhaps almost round the clock to benefit children and youth. Computer Training Sections looking to arm them with futuristic knowledge and skills, Children’s Parks and Physical Health Facilities that help them spend their free time usefully while helping them take good care of their physical wellbeing forms major activities here.

Year 2012 gave birth to DAMRO Community Welfare Service Centers in Dambadeniya, Pannala, Urapola, Loluwagoda, Nittambuwa and Gonagala. These centers comprise of physical wellbeing centers, children’s parks, libraries and computer training centers.

Computer Training Centers conduct courses like Beginners Computer Training for children of grade 3 to 5. Computer Software Course for children from grade 6, 7, 8 and 9. Office Computer Software Course is ideal not only for grade 10, 11, 12 and 13 students but also for employed adults.

Those eligible to follow the Graphics and Animation Course have to be those with previous exposure in the listed courses and it’s also ideal for the employed.

Computer Hardware Course could be followed by those who have completed the computer software course and is perfect for those employed.

Video Editing Course is best for those with a basic knowledge of the subject and students above grade 8. Website Developing Course is great for those with subject knowledge and for students who have followed the computer software course. These centres have so far awarded 1282 certificates for those successfully completing the computer training courses.

Nittambuwa Community Welfare Service Centre has presented 60 certificates, Urapola Community Welfare Service Center 84 certificates, Gonagala Community Welfare Service Center 64 certificates, Loluewagoda Community Welfare Service Center 83 certificates, Damdadeniya Community Welfare Service Center 165 certificates and Pannala Community Welfare Service Centre 45 certificates have been presented so far for courses that have been concluded this year.


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