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Banking time extended

The Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC opened their Branch at Wellawatte in late 1974.
Since then they have been operating well and the staff have served the customers of the Bank without any shortcoming. The only issue faced was the operating hours, since the branch had only six hours of Banking time.
Today, there are over fifteen branches of other banks operating in Wellawatte, located between the two bridges, between the Savoy Cinema and the Police check point near the Roxy Cinema. There are also about five finance and leasing companies in the same area.
I strongly believe, Wellawatte is a money spinning area, on a business level, next to the Pettah.
I had been voicing for the past ten years or so, at A.G.Ms of the Bank, to extend banking hours from the 9.am-3.pm to 9.am-6.pm. The Board of Directors assured me at the AGM held in March 2015 that they had decided to extend the banking hours as requested and it will be implemented within a few months.
I am grateful that, as promised, somewhere after mid 2015, the banking hours have been extended till 8.00pm; that is, from 9.00 am - 8.00 pm on week days.

The failings in a democracy

Why is it that during election time the people are always taken in by the lies that politicians dish out unashamedly? Almost all of them come out with fantastic promises and succeed in pushing the voters into believing anything they say.
Maybe, the voters are fed up of whatever the prevailing government, and wants somebody to take charge. Sadly, those that gain power giving various assurances too fail to do better, and the system goes on – that is democracy.
Why can’t laws be enacted to take a person (politician) to courts or fine whoever fails to deliver their promises. Politicians are crafty so as to promise what they cannot deliver on assuming power.
After grabbing power they are free to decide whether to honour or ignore their promises made to the masses. This is where the crucial test of a successful democratic system could be carried out. Civil organizations can take the lead in filing lawsuits where necessary.
Nanda Fernando,


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