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Let’s protect endangered animals

Animals are living beings. They too have a right to live. They are also a creation of nature. They have feelings. They can also think. They need our love and protection. As a result of certain reasons some animals are in danger. Environmental factors like floods and drought affect their lives. During a drought some animals die of thirst because there is no water. The cheetah, blue whale and turtle are endangered animals. There are only a few of them. They face the danger of extinction in the future. Due to poaching and pollution their numbers are dwindling. What can we do to save our animal friends? The government should enforce rules to stop destroying their natural habitats. We must not destroy jungles and pollute the environment. We must educate schoolchildren about our animal friends who make the Earth beautiful.

Hasindu Sanjana,
Grade 8,
Henegama Central College.