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Short Story : Think before you act!

8 January, 2017

Long long ago, a man whose name was Jayasena lived in a remote village. One day he set out on a journey with his friends. On their way, Jayasena felt very tired. So they stopped at a house and asked for water. And the owner of the house gave Jayasena a soft drink.

When people ask for water, the owner of the house usually gives a glass of soft drink. The drink looked like water, but it tasted different. Jayasena had not tasted such a drink in his whole life. So he asked for another glass because Jayasena really liked the taste. After thanking them for the drink, they left the place.

Jayasena and his friends returned to the village. After his return his thoughts were on the ‘water’ he drank. He thought that the water in that well tasted great. He spoke about this with all his friends. One of his friends gave him an idea to steal the well and bring it to their village.

With this plan in mind, Jayasena and his friends left their village. They took a long rope and other necessary things to pull the well out. They slowly entered the compound without making a noise.
The people in the house were asleep as it was midnight. Jayasena and his friends tied the rope around the well and started to pull.

This created a loud noise and soon the people in the house awoke as a result.

When the occupants realised what was going on, they identified Jayasena who had visited them a few days back.

Then Jayasena explained to them about the tasty glass of water. He said he had come back to take the well to his village.

The residents burst out laughing. They explained to Jayasena that it was not water from the well but a soft drink. Jayasena felt ashamed of his stupidity. He realized that one should always think properly before doing something.